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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Blowzabella their First Album (Eponymous) 1982

Here is the first album from Blowzabella

If you don't know this group, then this is your chance to hear their first recordings

Side one

S1/T1 Blowzabella / Marriage Marches
S1/T2 L'Enfant De Dieu / Faerie Dance
S1/T3 Kolomtanz
S1/T4 Bourrée De Sologne / Ai Vist Lou Loup
S1/T5 Two Scottishes
S1/T6 Yane Sandanski

Side two

S2/T1 Bourrée De Brand / Valce Sauteuse De Rett
S2/T2 Jenny Pluck Pears / Half Hannikin
S2/T3 Cotillon / Drops Of Brandy
S2/T4 Three Polka Piquées
S2/T5 The Sun From The East / Laura
S2/T6 Bourrée À Huit / Bourrée Tournante
S2/T7 Bourrée (Anon.) / Bourrée De Cusset

Arranged By, Producer, Percussion - Blowzabella
Artwork By [Graphics And Artwork] - Graham Bignell , Janina Lech
Bagpipes [English Bagpipes], Tin Whistle, Recorder - Jon Swayne , Paul James (6)
Bagpipes [Flemish And Macedonian Bagpipes], Flute - Jon Swayne
Bouzouki - Chris Gunstone
Drums - Chris Gunstone , Dave Roberts (4)
Engineer - Mark Powell
Hurdy Gurdy - Cliff Stapleton , Sam Palmer (2)
Melodica [Melodion], Piano, Tambura - Dave Roberts (4)
Photography [Cover Photograph] - Ian Martin
Saxophone, Bombarde, Rauschpfeife - Paul James (6)
Vocals - Chris Gunstone , Jon Swayne , Paul James (6)

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Password is gonzoblowza

Blowzabella was formed in Whitechapel, London in 1978 by

Bill O’Toole (bagpipes, flutes) from Sydney, Australia and

Jon Swayne (bagpipes, flutes) from Glastonbury, Somerset.

The first musicians they invited to join them either came
from London or were living there at the time -

Chris Gunstone (bouzouki, tapan);
Juan Wijngaard (hurdy-gurdy, flemish bagpipes)
who taught the band some of the first tunes they played;
Sam Palmer (hurdy-gurdy) who took over from Juan in 1978,
Dave Armitage (melodeon, bombarde, percussion).
Dave Roberts (melodeon, percussion) joined in late 1979
when Bill returned to Australia.

When the band began Jon, Bill and Dave were studying woodwind
instrument making and Sam had just finished studying fretted
instrument making at the London College of Furniture
in Commercial Road, Whitechapel E1.

Jon and Sam lived in an area of run down tenements rather
optimistically called Fieldgate Mansions near the Whitechapel
Bell Foundry, the East London Mosque and the men’s hostel
where Joseph Stalin once stayed. When Jon returned to Somerset
he passed on to Dave Armitage his flat at 14 Fieldgate Mansions,
Myrdle Street, Whitechapel, London E1 which was Blowzabella HQ
for the next five years or so.

Chris lived in Blackheath and was heavily involved in balkan music
and dance.

This led to there being a Macedonian “wing” of the band called
Izvoren who played with Balkan dance groups around London.

Australian multi-cultural music guru Linsey Pollak
(macedonian gaida, kaval, saxophone) was in London around that
time and played balkan music with some of the band and Peter Lees,
a wonderful hammered dulcimer player who they met at the College
did a few gigs with Blowzabella in the very early days.

The name Blowzabella

is the name of an English jig from the late 17th or early18th centuries.
Bill came across it in Wrights “Complete Collection of Celebrated
Country Dancing” while trawling in the Vaughan Williams Memorial
Library at Cecil Sharp House for one octave English tunes to play on
the bagpipes. The “blow” and the “bella” seemed to describe the sound
they made and the name stuck.

First LP:

Blowzabella. Plant Life Records. PLR 038. 1982. Chris Gunstone, Paul James,
Sam Palmer, Dave Roberts, Cliff Stapleton, Jon Swayne.



oppalkyklof said...

Many thanks for posting this one. Dave Roberts gave me a review copy when it came out, but it got warped. Now I have the mp3, I can listen to it again and feel less guilty about having microwaved the original into an ashtray :-)
RIP, Dave.

Ben said...

You have a terrific collection of unusual but fine music. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. All best

Anonymous said...

Great album. Thanks!