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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Bonny North Tyne "Collection of North East England Songs (Topic 12TS239, 1974)

Here is a Topic album I recorded in Tasmania on my portable DAT recorder. The cover picture was taken on an old two megapixel digital camera, real low tech stuff.

Track info

Side One:

01/1 ; Tell Her I Am/ Teviot Brig
02/1 ; Barrington Hornpipe/ Rowley Burn*
03/1 ; The Rowan Tree/ Jock of Hazeldean
04/1 ; Green Castle/ Spot on/ Corn Rigs
05/1 ; Sheffield Hornpipe/ Untitled Hornpipe/ Liddle's Hornpipe
06/1 ; Hexham Races/ Stool of Repentance
07/1 ; The Wonder Hornpipe/ Navvie on the Line
08/1 ; The Burn Divot
09/1 ; Horsley Lasses/ Bellingham Boat/ the Howlet & the Weasel
10/1 ; Sir Sidney Smith's March

Side Two:

01/2 ; Liverpool Hornpipe/ Steamboat Hornpipe
02/2 ; Jb Milne/ the New High Level
03/2 ; Bonny North Tyne/ the Redesdale Hornpipe
04/2 ; Drink to Me Only/ Will Ye No Come Back Again
05/2 ; Nancy/ Whinshield's Hornpipe/ Whinham's Reel
06/2 ; Geordie's Jig
07/2 ; Jenny Bell Polka
08/2 ; Napoleon's Grand March/ Unititled March
09/2 ; The Friendly Visit/ Green Castle/ Lass on the Strand
10/2 ; The Girl with the Blue Dress on/ the Big Ship


John Armstrong: Fiddle,
Billy Atkinson: Mouth Organ,
Billy Conroy: Whistle,
George Hepple: Fiddle,
Joe Hutton: Small-piles,
Donald Ridley: Accordeon.

This is a wonderful collection of traditional music, simply played very accessible for learning. the quality is not up to 2008, 24 bit standard, in fact this album was recorded nearly 10 year ago and edited on a 486 PC with Sound Forge Version 4.0, a long slow job.

* Rowley Burn site of a famous battle where Welsh invader King Cadwallon was slain by the King of Northumbria's Brother (633)

Music link HERE

Password for RAR is gonzoBNT


Alan said...

Many, many thanks once again Gonzo

Anonymous said...

Site 1 Track2 should be Rowley Burn *not* Rowley Barn

Gonzo said...

You are absolutely correct, thanks for correcting this 10 year old error
I actually know Rowley Burn from a visit a few years back.

DKmalo said...

merci beaucoup, c'est rafraichissant et l'harmoniciste est excellent