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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Coming Soon "The Amazing Catsfield Steamers"

More traditional dance music, recorded by "The Catsfield Steamers" This album was produced for use on TV and Radio, I am researching the band for more details, it appears they came from the English county of Sussex, maybe from the village of Catsfield, they used to meet at the "United Friends" public house in the village of "Ninfield of course that was some years ago, if anyone has updated information please add your comments.

This band was almost as large as a classic jazz "Big Band" with a "Cast of thousands" multi-instrumentalists

Eric Downs, Andy Dennis, Mick Gander, Cliff Mason & Nigel Taylor
Bryan Hawes
Piano Accordion:
Bob Bourner
Paul Roberts, Cliff Mason, Roger Vance
Nigel Taylor, Paul Dengate, George Copeland
Brian Chainey, Rosheen Eldridge, Paddy Hanlon
Steve Cook
Richard Hill
Mick Gander
Jane Downes, Bryan Hawes, George Copeland
and Mick Gander.

Tracks Side One:

01/1 ; Huntsman's Chorus ~ Sussex Bonny Breastknot
02/1 ; La Russe ~ David Knick-Knack
03/1 ; John Barleycorn
04/1 ; The Keel Row
05/1 ; Home Boys Home (1)
06/1 ; Home Boys Home (2 Vocal)
07/1 ; Elsie Marley ~ Lamb's Skinnet
08/1 ; Silverton Polka
09/1 ; Hanging Johnny

Side Two:

01/2 ; Daisy Daisy
02/2 ; Daisy Daisy (Banjo, Fiddle, Bass)
03/2 ; Daisy Daisy (Vocal)
04/2 ; Dorset Four Hand Reel ~ Jimmy Allen
05/2 ; Old Brown Ale
06/2 ; Uncle Bernard ~ Jenny Lind
07/2 ; Suo Gan
08/2 ; The Minstrel Boy
09/2 ; The Minstrel Boy (Vocal)
10/2 ; Old Swansea Town

For details of the current lineup see the picture in the Sidebar With an active link to the bands web site for some complete tracks.

As the band is currently still active, though slightly reduced in size, and no longer receiving any royalties from the PRS for the music on this album, I am seeking permission to post some if not all of the album tracks here.

*** Update DECEMBER 2009 ***

Despite trying to get a definitive answer from KPM (record lable) but with total agreement from the band, I am no further forward in being able to post this album on here, however since the previous album is freely available and FIVE tracks from it are available in complete form from the bands website, I am sharing these 5 tracks in 320k format. HERE or time/download limited HERE

Meanwhile, please visit the band's Dance project for 2009 ... Here
Checkout the picture gallery for some great shots of Kids having FUN dancing, with a few well known people sitting it out apart from the Mayor & Mayoress of course.

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