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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Follow on from the "CopperSongs" video

In the video there was mention of Bob Copper's recordings of local folk
for the BBC. Here is one album of those recordings, this features songs
from the English counties of Hampshire & Sussex.

Featured singers:
Noah Gillette, George Attrill, Jim Swain, George Fosbury, Ben Butcher.
a Mrs Chapman, Frank Bond, Fred Hewett, Gladys Stone, Leslie Johnson
Enos White and Victor Brown (Nicknamed "Turp")

All these are mono recordings made between 1954 and 1957, published on
the TOPIC lable in 1977 (12T317) "Songs & Southern Breezes"

Side One

01/1 ; The Bonny Bunch of Roses
02/1 ; Epsom Races
03/1 ; The Banks of the Mossem
04/1 ; False Lanky
05/1 ; Cruel Lincoln
06/1 ; The Silver Pin
07/1 ; The 'chiner's Song
08/1 ; God Bless the Master

Side Two

01/2 ; The Prickle-Holly Bush
02/2 ; Three Maidens a-Milking Did Go
03/2 ; Her Servant Man
04/2 ; Rolling in the Dew
05/2 ; George Collins
06/2 ; In Sheffield Park
07/2 ; The Streams of Lovely Nancy
08/2 ; As Broad as I Was Walking
09/2 ; Six Jolly Miners

Music Here

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Gimmer said...

Awesome Blog, Dude!

Halewijn said...

Thanks, Gonzo - the Childs among these are more than welcome ;-)

cluiche said...

Thanks Gonzo, I've got the original book that goes with this album. It's a fascinating insight to an era long gone.

Gonzo said...

Cluiche said
I've got the original book that goes with this album.

Wow, something I miss, I wonder if it can be scanned?

Anonymous said...

I have Bob Copper's book too. But I never expected to be able to hear this recording. I'm very grateful. Garry