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Monday, 29 December 2008

New Rip: Tundra "Kentish Garland" (1978)

Moving from Sussex across to the adjacent county Kent, here is TUNDRA - A Kentish Garland (1978)
UK issue (LP) Sweet Folk And Country SFA 078 (1978)


Side One:
1. The Jovial Man Of Kent (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
2. Hopping Down In Kent (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
3. The Lady Of Rochester Castle (Doug Hudson)
4. Captain Ward And The Rainbow (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
5. Jezreels (Doug Hudson)
6. Petition Of Pigs In Kent (Trad. Arr. Tundra)

Side Two:
1. Come On The Fleet (Doug Hudson)
2. John Appleby (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
3. The Pear Tree (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
4. Tarry Trowsers (Trad. Arr. Tundra
5. The Chathamites (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
6. Medway Flows Softly (George Gilbert)

Tundra Are:

Doug Hudson Vocals, Guitar
Sue Hudson Vocals, Concertina

With the following Guests:

Ian Telfer:
Fiddle on "Hopping Down In Kent", "Jezreels",
"John Appleby", "The Pear Tree", "The Chathamites"
Bowed Psaltery on "The Lady Of Rochester Castle"
English Concertina on "Come On The Fleet"

Alan Prosser:
Fiddle on "Hopping Down In Kent", "Jezreels"
Bells on "Hopping Down In Kent"
Guitar on "The Lady Of Rochester Castle", "John Appleby",
"Medway Flows Softly"
Vocals on "Come On The Fleet"
Bass Guitar on "Come On The Fleet"
Mandola on "The Pear Tree", "The Chathamites"
Harmonium on "Tarry Trowsers"

Chris Taylor:
Bouzouki on "The Lady Of Rochester Castle",
"Come On The Fleet"
Harmonica on "Hopping Down In Kent"
Bodhran on "John Appleby", The Chathamites"
Dulcimer on "The Pear Tree"

Damien Richardson (Gillingham Footballer):
Bodhan on "Captain Ward And The Rainbow"



Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought I was the only one on the planet with a copy of this album. I got the musicians to autograph my copy when I saw them play in the mid 1970s. This will save me a lot of work digitizing the album, especially since I suspect you do a much better job, thanks.

Gonzo said...

Welcome Chum, been a long time done and yours the first comment! So there are TWO of us with it now... How many more I wonder..?

Conrad said...

Here's another one!
I also have The Kentish Songster, which you have also ripped, and Songs From Greenwich, which you haven't.

Tundra were also present on a couple of Eron records; Folk In Sandwich (on which they perform a different version of Medway Flows Softly) and Good Folk of Kent, as Mingled (OK, Doug and Sue Hudson and another couple).

Hope this interests you

Gonzo said...

Interested Yes please, I did know of the Hudson's other appearances specially on Eron but until now not had an offer of the audio. If you are willing to allow them to be shared and can get the audio to me in FLAC format (or WAV) possibly by uploading to Rapid Share, and have some reasonable scans of the album covers as well, I'll see what I can do. We are getting short of good material to post, so any that continues an already exposed artist(s) theme will be useful.

Sean Smith said...

I bought a copy of this record when I saw Tundra live at a bellringers' social event (?!?) at Queenboro in Sheppey back in the early 1980s. I really loved listening to it, but haven't had a record player for a couple of decades. The record is in the loft but I can't play it, so this download has brought back so many memories!

auntadadoom said...

I was surprised to find this link is still live and I'm very grateful it is! Lovely album Thanks very much.