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Friday, 26 December 2008

Information ONLY A,L Lloyd 1960 Bush Ballads

An early (1960) A L Lloyd (Bert) Australian Bush Ballads album I have been informed that this album has been released on CD

Hence I will NOT be posting ALL tracks from the restored vinyl.

More info on CD issue

Larrikin LRF 354
CD issued 1994, tapes licensed from Topic Records,
recorded 1960's &1970's

Track Number Title
1 Waltzing Matilda ***
2 The Kelly Gang *
3 The Drover's Dream *
4 The Cockies of Bungaree**
5 Flash Jack from Gundagai**
6 Bluey Brink**
7 Brisbane Ladies**
8 The Derby Ram**
9 Bold Jack Donahue**
10 The Wild Colonial Boy (Later version from ***)
11 The Hold-up at Eugowra Rocks ***
12 Euabalong Ball ***
13 Rocking the Cradle *
14 Lachlan Tigers**
15 The Lime Juice Tub ***

(*) Unknown source

(**) Culled from Topic 12T51 Bush Ballads

(***) Culled from Topic 12T203 Great Australian Legend

Leaving 7 tracks on the LP alone

1/4 South Australia
1/5 The Banks of the Condamine (older version with Banjo)
1/7 The Overlander
2/1 A Thousand Miles Away
2/2 The Flash Stockman
2/3 The Wild Colonial Boy (older version with Banjo)
2/6 The Shearer's Dream

I don't doubt these tracks are on another CD but at this moment I have not located it, considering
that Larrikin records was taken over in 1995 by Mushroom records, and they were taken under the
Warner wing in 2005, I doubt very much that these tracks will ever see the digital light of day, knowing
the "Warner" reputation for profit only, this kind of music is so far off the radar as to be like atom dust.

Therefore a 7 track posting is now available.

Scans LINK

Good News Fellside Recordings have issued FECD219 (2 CD, UK, November 2008) so all
tracks have at last come into the digital era

Thanks to Reinhard Zierke for this info.


reynardine said...

I'd love a copy...


PS I've just posted Martyn Wyndham-Read's 'Ned Kelly and That Gang' to Time has Told Me. It may be of interest to some of your readers.

Paul the Stockman said...

Password for graphics - pretty please.

Reinhard Zierke said...

All tracks of "Outback Ballads" have been reissued in November 2008 on Fellside's 2CD set
Ten Thousand Miles Away

Gonzo said...

"All tracks of "Outback Ballads" have been reissued "

Oh that is real good news, thanks for that info, I hope they are from the original master tapes, too many of the early re-issues were from vinyl transfer, and not very well done in my opinion.

Moreton Bay for example, the tapes were lost in a fire, my original copy of the vinyl sounded better than the cobbled up limited
(100 copy) distribution of the CD


jaspar said...

could you post password - please