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Folk & Jazz fan, specialising in vinyl restoration. Although I would prefer to only post albums that I have paid for, or those of close friends, I am open to suggestions and offers of rare Folk items that need tender care and restoration, provided the supplier has the right of ownership of the physical item. NOT JUST an MP3 COPY of it. To give you an idea, I am prepared to restore vinyl belonging to another person, IF I receive a decent quality scan of the front, back and any relevant information that comes with the LP, preferably at least 2400 by 2400 quality, (600DPI scans for back) along with the sound files in FLAC format as waves are a bit too large to transfer. Then I will check their suitability for restoration. I try to maintain the requirement for a decent set of scans for each item, where possible, as I feel the music is incomplete without it. Sometimes this is just not possible as a lot of my stock came from broadcasting organisations that had their own heavy card sleeves, with information relevant to their prime function, that of providing the disc-jockies with basic details to pass on to listeners. I do wonder what happened to all the original artwork?

Monday, 29 December 2008

First Rip of 2009 Tundra "Kentish Songster" (1980)

Another album from a Kentish group which were:

Doug and Sue Hudson, (Tundra)
with additional members of Fiddlers Dram / Oyster Ceilidh
Alan Prosser (onetime Mr Hair), Ian Telfer, John Jones & Will Ward


Side One:
01/01 ; Jolly Jack of Dover ~ the Herne Bay Dance
02/01 ; The Dutchmen
03/01 ; Sweet Orange Pippin
04/01 ; The Yeoman of Kent
05/01 ; Cells

Side Two:
01/02 ; The Lullingstone Hunt
02/02 ; Pretty Maids of Greenwich
03/02 ; The Kentish Frolic
04/02 ; Hops
05/02 ; The Old Man and His Wife
06/02 ; The Hop Supper

Music Here

This album contains a track from "Pills to Purge Melancholy" "The Yeoman of Kent" tells the tale of a young man trying to win the favour of his love by visiting her bedroom at night, He ultimately gets "Discovered" by the ladies master (parson) because his bare rear end was visible under the bed. This track is quite rare, I have not seen it on many other recordings, except The Critics Group, and Ed McCurdy. Usually one verse is omitted but here all the verses are included, even the Parsons admission, that he had "Sung Anthems with Molly", singing anthems with a servant is easily miss-construed to mean other non-church like activities. On this track, the clearing throat, cough before the line should make the dubious meaning clear.

New Rip: Tundra "Kentish Garland" (1978)

Moving from Sussex across to the adjacent county Kent, here is TUNDRA - A Kentish Garland (1978)
UK issue (LP) Sweet Folk And Country SFA 078 (1978)


Side One:
1. The Jovial Man Of Kent (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
2. Hopping Down In Kent (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
3. The Lady Of Rochester Castle (Doug Hudson)
4. Captain Ward And The Rainbow (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
5. Jezreels (Doug Hudson)
6. Petition Of Pigs In Kent (Trad. Arr. Tundra)

Side Two:
1. Come On The Fleet (Doug Hudson)
2. John Appleby (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
3. The Pear Tree (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
4. Tarry Trowsers (Trad. Arr. Tundra
5. The Chathamites (Trad. Arr. Tundra)
6. Medway Flows Softly (George Gilbert)

Tundra Are:

Doug Hudson Vocals, Guitar
Sue Hudson Vocals, Concertina

With the following Guests:

Ian Telfer:
Fiddle on "Hopping Down In Kent", "Jezreels",
"John Appleby", "The Pear Tree", "The Chathamites"
Bowed Psaltery on "The Lady Of Rochester Castle"
English Concertina on "Come On The Fleet"

Alan Prosser:
Fiddle on "Hopping Down In Kent", "Jezreels"
Bells on "Hopping Down In Kent"
Guitar on "The Lady Of Rochester Castle", "John Appleby",
"Medway Flows Softly"
Vocals on "Come On The Fleet"
Bass Guitar on "Come On The Fleet"
Mandola on "The Pear Tree", "The Chathamites"
Harmonium on "Tarry Trowsers"

Chris Taylor:
Bouzouki on "The Lady Of Rochester Castle",
"Come On The Fleet"
Harmonica on "Hopping Down In Kent"
Bodhran on "John Appleby", The Chathamites"
Dulcimer on "The Pear Tree"

Damien Richardson (Gillingham Footballer):
Bodhan on "Captain Ward And The Rainbow"


Sunday, 28 December 2008

Here NOW! "When Sheepshearing's Done" (1975)

Southern England Traditional songs collection on TOPIC 12T254

This features artists:

FredaPalmer, George Newman, Bill Whiting, Wisdom Smith
Bob Blake, Harry Holman, George Spicer & Bill Dore.

Singing countryside songs, including "The Threshing Machine"


Side One:

01/1 ; Freda Palmer ; The Fox and the Grey Goose
02/1 ; Freda Palmer ; The Wandering Girl
03/1 ; George Newman ; All For the Grog
04/1 ; Bill Whiting ; The Broken Down Gentleman
05/1 ; Bill Whiting ; I'm Going to the Woods
06/1 ; George Newman ; Sing Ovy and Sing Ivy
07/1 ; Freda Palmer ; The Warickshire R H a
08/1 ; Freda Palmer ; Oxford City
09/1 ; Wisdom Smith ; The Galloway Man
10/1 ; Bob Blake ; When Sheepshearing's Done

Side Two:

01/2 ; Freda Palmer ; As I Was a-Walking
02/2 ; Freda Palmer ; Up in the North
03/2 ; Harry Holman ; The Life of a Man
04/2 ; George Spicer ; The Threshing Machine
05/2 ; George Spicer ; The Lily White Hand
06/2 ; Bob Blake ; The Grey Hawk
07/2 ; Freda Palmer ; The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington
08/2 ; Freda Palmer ; William and Mary
09/2 ; Freda Palmer ; Maria Marten
10/2 ; Bill Dore ; Jolly Jarge

Music HERE

Password for RAR is gonzoWSD

Herb Geller Quartet (1955) Condoli Vines LP

A friends copy of this early classic recording

HERB GELLER SEXTET Condoli / Vines 1955 (1974 re-issue)


1. Outpost Incident (1)
2. Crazy He Calls Me (1)
3. Gin For Fuegel Horns (2)
4. Tardi At Zardi's (2)
5. Vone Mae (2)
6. Rockin' Chair (1)
7. Owl Eyes (2)
8. You'd Be So Nice To come Home To (1)

First recorded in August 1955 in Los Angeles
The Herb Geller Quartet, with guests

Two sessions (1) 19 Aug & (2) 22 Aug 1955

Herb Geller: Alto, Soprano Sax
Lorraine Geller: Piano
Conte Candoli: Trumpet
Ziggy Vines: Tenor Sax
Red Mitchell: Bass
Leroy Vinnegar: Bass (2)
Eldridge Freeman: Drums

Record Label: Trip
Catalogue No: TLP-5539
Country of Origin: USA
Year of Release: 1974

With thanks to Hans Koert "keepswinging"
for the aditional information...

Visit HERE for more indepth details and
much other interesting Jazz items

Music HERE

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Bonny North Tyne "Collection of North East England Songs (Topic 12TS239, 1974)

Here is a Topic album I recorded in Tasmania on my portable DAT recorder. The cover picture was taken on an old two megapixel digital camera, real low tech stuff.

Track info

Side One:

01/1 ; Tell Her I Am/ Teviot Brig
02/1 ; Barrington Hornpipe/ Rowley Burn*
03/1 ; The Rowan Tree/ Jock of Hazeldean
04/1 ; Green Castle/ Spot on/ Corn Rigs
05/1 ; Sheffield Hornpipe/ Untitled Hornpipe/ Liddle's Hornpipe
06/1 ; Hexham Races/ Stool of Repentance
07/1 ; The Wonder Hornpipe/ Navvie on the Line
08/1 ; The Burn Divot
09/1 ; Horsley Lasses/ Bellingham Boat/ the Howlet & the Weasel
10/1 ; Sir Sidney Smith's March

Side Two:

01/2 ; Liverpool Hornpipe/ Steamboat Hornpipe
02/2 ; Jb Milne/ the New High Level
03/2 ; Bonny North Tyne/ the Redesdale Hornpipe
04/2 ; Drink to Me Only/ Will Ye No Come Back Again
05/2 ; Nancy/ Whinshield's Hornpipe/ Whinham's Reel
06/2 ; Geordie's Jig
07/2 ; Jenny Bell Polka
08/2 ; Napoleon's Grand March/ Unititled March
09/2 ; The Friendly Visit/ Green Castle/ Lass on the Strand
10/2 ; The Girl with the Blue Dress on/ the Big Ship


John Armstrong: Fiddle,
Billy Atkinson: Mouth Organ,
Billy Conroy: Whistle,
George Hepple: Fiddle,
Joe Hutton: Small-piles,
Donald Ridley: Accordeon.

This is a wonderful collection of traditional music, simply played very accessible for learning. the quality is not up to 2008, 24 bit standard, in fact this album was recorded nearly 10 year ago and edited on a 486 PC with Sound Forge Version 4.0, a long slow job.

* Rowley Burn site of a famous battle where Welsh invader King Cadwallon was slain by the King of Northumbria's Brother (633)

Music link HERE

Password for RAR is gonzoBNT


B o H a G

Some readers may recall my mention of a Folk Music friend and his band in PERTH Western Australia, which is also the source of some of my vinyl music for restorations, well here is the band picture, taken in Sunny W.A.

More information HERE

Second picture is
ROSIE the Clogger in ACTION...

Friday, 26 December 2008

Information ONLY A,L Lloyd 1960 Bush Ballads

An early (1960) A L Lloyd (Bert) Australian Bush Ballads album I have been informed that this album has been released on CD

Hence I will NOT be posting ALL tracks from the restored vinyl.

More info on CD issue

Larrikin LRF 354
CD issued 1994, tapes licensed from Topic Records,
recorded 1960's &1970's

Track Number Title
1 Waltzing Matilda ***
2 The Kelly Gang *
3 The Drover's Dream *
4 The Cockies of Bungaree**
5 Flash Jack from Gundagai**
6 Bluey Brink**
7 Brisbane Ladies**
8 The Derby Ram**
9 Bold Jack Donahue**
10 The Wild Colonial Boy (Later version from ***)
11 The Hold-up at Eugowra Rocks ***
12 Euabalong Ball ***
13 Rocking the Cradle *
14 Lachlan Tigers**
15 The Lime Juice Tub ***

(*) Unknown source

(**) Culled from Topic 12T51 Bush Ballads

(***) Culled from Topic 12T203 Great Australian Legend

Leaving 7 tracks on the LP alone

1/4 South Australia
1/5 The Banks of the Condamine (older version with Banjo)
1/7 The Overlander
2/1 A Thousand Miles Away
2/2 The Flash Stockman
2/3 The Wild Colonial Boy (older version with Banjo)
2/6 The Shearer's Dream

I don't doubt these tracks are on another CD but at this moment I have not located it, considering
that Larrikin records was taken over in 1995 by Mushroom records, and they were taken under the
Warner wing in 2005, I doubt very much that these tracks will ever see the digital light of day, knowing
the "Warner" reputation for profit only, this kind of music is so far off the radar as to be like atom dust.

Therefore a 7 track posting is now available.

Scans LINK

Good News Fellside Recordings have issued FECD219 (2 CD, UK, November 2008) so all
tracks have at last come into the digital era

Thanks to Reinhard Zierke for this info.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Here NOW: Another in the Sussex Songs set

This album pre-dates those created from the Bob Copper recordings The vinyl is not in a very good condition, will take a lot of restoration

George became famous after being discovered by the BBC, not for singing alone. but when he won a marbles contest in Tinsley Green in 1948. The BBC interviewed him and showed him shooting marbles in that and subsequent years, on "Good Friday" the traditional date for such events in Tinsley.

Tracks on this album:

Side One:

01/1 ; Polly on the Shore
02/1 ; The Sweet Nightingale
03/1 ; Locks and Bolts
04/1 ; Down by the Seaside
05/1 ; Jack the Jolly Tar 'O
06/1 ; The Seeds of Love
07/1 ; Shooting Goshen's Cocks Up

Side Two:

01/2 ; William Taylor
02/2 ; Rolling in the Dew
03/2 ; A Sailor in the North Country
04/2 ; The Banks of Claudy
05/2 ; Three Sons of Rogues
06/2 ; The Weaver's Daughter
07/2 ; A Wager, a Wager
08/2 ; The Sun Being Set

This album has presented a number of problems, these will
affect the quality of the audio.

Original recording was not done in a studio, some tracks live. Microphone seems to produce restricted sound. 100 & 150 Hz Hum on some tracks of the original. Hiss on the original recording, added to the noise from a well worn LP, recorded in mono, so no chance of using the best channel in the final mix.
Because of the restricted frequency response I've used VBR on the MP3 encoding based around 128k, the superior LAME filtering has helped here in removing some of the hiss.

The general audio is clear, the diction, good, the words are clear and easy to transcribe.

Music links WERE on the "Indi-downloads site but this site seems to have lost it's content
I am looking for another link, watch this space...

New Link Topic

Jon Raven "Black Country Ballads" (Vinyl 1975)

This is an interesting album of typical English "Midlands" songs a flash back to an industrial heart of England "The Black Country"

Side One

01/1 ; John Hobbs
02/1 ; Nine Times a Night
03/1 ; All Bells in Paradise
04/1 ; Brave Collier Lads
05/1 ; John Wilkinson
06/1 ; Wedgebury Cocking
07/1 ; The Funny Rigs
08/1 ; The Tommy Note

Side Two

01/2 ; The Nailmaker's Strike
02/2 ; The Jews They Crucified Him
03/2 ; The Brave Dudley Boys
04/2 ; Souling, Clemeny, Gooding
05/2 ; The Oxford and Hampton Railway
06/2 ; Perry's Croft Bull Bait
07/2 ; The Song of the Staffordshire Men


Jon Raven: Vocals, Guitar, Dulcimer
Dave Oxley: Fiddle, bowed Psaltery
John Kirkpatrick: Concertina, Accordion, Melodeon
Mike Billington: Whistle, Bodhran, extra Vocals

As with all the recently ripped and cleaned vinyls, this one was done at 24 bit resolution and remains in this mode right up to the final encoding to MP3 at 320k (44.1k CD compat)

Download music & Scans Here 

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Johnny Collins "Private Army" (Vinyl 1975)

Two years later comes this "Private Army" LP, more superb songs from the master and his friends.

Side One:

01/1 ; Peter's Private Army
02/1 ; Oxford & 'Ampton Railway
03/1 ; The Gipsy Fiddler
04/1 ; The Jovial Hunter
05/1 ; The Shepherd's Daughter
06/1 ; The Good Wood
07/1 ; Bonny Hawthorn
08/1 ; Wind Witch

Side Two:

01/2 ; Jolly Waggoner's Private Army
02/2 ; Logs to Burn
03/2 ; Lowlands of Holland
04/2 ; The Goblin's Riddle
05/2 ; Flowers of the Town
06/2 ; D-Day Dodgers
07/2 ; This Lousy War
08/2 ; Harvest Home

This album is again ripped at 96k, 24bit and presented as 320k stereo MP3 (16 bit 48k sampled)

Down music and Scans Here 

The scans of both these JC albums are only from digital photographs, seems its the season for
scanner failures, and no one heard my plea to SANTA for a SCANNER (I' been a good boy too)

Johnny Collins "Traveller's Rest" (Vinyl 1973)

Some more from the traditional song collection of Johnny Collins.

"Traveller's Rest"

Side One:

01/1 ; Harvest Song
02/1 ; As Our Ship Was Sailing
03/1 ; The Cockerham Devil
04/1 ; Unto My Love
05/1 ; Jim the Carter Lad
06/1 ; Barley Rakings
07/1 ; According to the Act
08/1 ; Bootblack's Lament

Side Two:

01/2 ; The Bristol Mail
02/2 ; Mars For Evermore
03/2 ; The Blanytre Explosion
04/2 ; The Groggy Old Tailor
05/2 ; Oxplough Song
06/2 ; Willie's Lyke Wake
07/2 ; Cold Blow and a Rainy Night
08/2 ; Farewell Shanty

Another vinyl rip at 320k stereo (48k sampled)
This is a 96k, 24 bit sampled original presented here in 16 bit MP3 format.

Music HERE

Rar file contains scans and music

Password gonzoJCTR

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

"WHOOPEE" We passed the 1000 visitor mark

WOW in such a short time too 10,000 is next..

I have posted in the sidebar some pictures of some of the gadgets I use for ripping, you may cursor over them and click the links for more information, the Digital Audio Blog is of particular interest as it gives access to a "Podcast" reviewing the USB UA1-EX
This has moved to HERE

Coming Soon "The Amazing Catsfield Steamers"

More traditional dance music, recorded by "The Catsfield Steamers" This album was produced for use on TV and Radio, I am researching the band for more details, it appears they came from the English county of Sussex, maybe from the village of Catsfield, they used to meet at the "United Friends" public house in the village of "Ninfield of course that was some years ago, if anyone has updated information please add your comments.

This band was almost as large as a classic jazz "Big Band" with a "Cast of thousands" multi-instrumentalists

Eric Downs, Andy Dennis, Mick Gander, Cliff Mason & Nigel Taylor
Bryan Hawes
Piano Accordion:
Bob Bourner
Paul Roberts, Cliff Mason, Roger Vance
Nigel Taylor, Paul Dengate, George Copeland
Brian Chainey, Rosheen Eldridge, Paddy Hanlon
Steve Cook
Richard Hill
Mick Gander
Jane Downes, Bryan Hawes, George Copeland
and Mick Gander.

Tracks Side One:

01/1 ; Huntsman's Chorus ~ Sussex Bonny Breastknot
02/1 ; La Russe ~ David Knick-Knack
03/1 ; John Barleycorn
04/1 ; The Keel Row
05/1 ; Home Boys Home (1)
06/1 ; Home Boys Home (2 Vocal)
07/1 ; Elsie Marley ~ Lamb's Skinnet
08/1 ; Silverton Polka
09/1 ; Hanging Johnny

Side Two:

01/2 ; Daisy Daisy
02/2 ; Daisy Daisy (Banjo, Fiddle, Bass)
03/2 ; Daisy Daisy (Vocal)
04/2 ; Dorset Four Hand Reel ~ Jimmy Allen
05/2 ; Old Brown Ale
06/2 ; Uncle Bernard ~ Jenny Lind
07/2 ; Suo Gan
08/2 ; The Minstrel Boy
09/2 ; The Minstrel Boy (Vocal)
10/2 ; Old Swansea Town

For details of the current lineup see the picture in the Sidebar With an active link to the bands web site for some complete tracks.

As the band is currently still active, though slightly reduced in size, and no longer receiving any royalties from the PRS for the music on this album, I am seeking permission to post some if not all of the album tracks here.

*** Update DECEMBER 2009 ***

Despite trying to get a definitive answer from KPM (record lable) but with total agreement from the band, I am no further forward in being able to post this album on here, however since the previous album is freely available and FIVE tracks from it are available in complete form from the bands website, I am sharing these 5 tracks in 320k format. HERE or time/download limited HERE

Meanwhile, please visit the band's Dance project for 2009 ... Here
Checkout the picture gallery for some great shots of Kids having FUN dancing, with a few well known people sitting it out apart from the Mayor & Mayoress of course.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Werner Lämmerhirt with Wizz Jones (1981) FF4006

Another nice guitar album, this time Werner is joined by that U.K guitar wizard, Wizz Jones on this 1981 FolkFreek release.


01 ; One by One
02 ; Beware of Charming Friends
03 ; About a Spoonful
04 ; He Was a Friend of Mine
05 ; Harry and Angel
06 ; Poacher's Moon
07 ; Autumn Leaves are Bound
08 ; Hey Unborn Baby
09 ; When Shadows Fall
10 ; Roll on River

Music links HERE

This is another album ripped by a friend, edited by me. Previously posted on another blog at 128k, this version is a fresh NEW Hi-VBR rip.

RAR password is gonzoROR

Werner Lämmerhirt "White Spots" (live 1979)

Live album from Werner on the Froggy lable FRR 7809


01 ; Corinna, Corinna
02 ; Oetter's Blues
03 ; It Hurts Me Too
04 ; Beatles Medley
05 ; Classical Gas
06 ; Check Your Chain
07 ; Connections
08 ; Robbien (He'll Smile)
09 ; San Francisco Bay Blues


Werner Lammerhirt: Guitar, Vocals (Deutsche und Englisch)
Michael Erhard: Bass
Saxophone Joe: Sax, Flute

Ripped by a friend, edited by me

There is too much to write about Werner, to include here, best check

Wikipedia HERE

Music link HERE

Password for RAR is gonzoWLWS

The Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band "Behind the Mask" (1979)

Here is one I did earlier, another "Dance" type music album Vinyl Plantlife PLR020 1979

Side One

01/1 ; Have You Got a Penny
02/1 ; The Circus Comes to Town
03/1 ; Highland Plaid & Tink-a-Tink
04/1 ; Bound For Rothwell Market
05/1 ; Song & Dance Man
06/1 ; Old George Dawson

Side Two

01/2 ; A Seasons Tale
02/2 ; England
03/2 ; Tickeli & Majoret
04/2 ; Summer Will Be with Us Bye & Bye
05/2 ; Goodbye Dear Friends


Tom Hall: Vocal, guitar, Recorder, Banjo
Miss Jaye Woodfield: Piano accordion, English Concertina
Piano, Glockenspiel, Synthesiser
Gerald Claridge: Acoustic bass guitarm Guitar, Banjolele

Diane Hall: Vocals, Harmonium
Paur Burgess: Fiddle, Recorder, Crumhorn
Martin winning: Clarinet, Sax
Roger Swallow: Drums, percussion
Nigel Pegrum: Percussion, flute

This was a local band mainly from my home county town,  the track Rothwell Market (pronounced locally as Rawl) refers to another local Northamptonshire town.

Music link HERE

Password for the RAR is gonzostout

For more info about the band and Tom Hall, anecdotes etc


What's Next?

I have quite a large collection of TOPIC vinyl recordings at my disposal, mostly those that have NEVER been (or will ever be) issued on CD. These albums vary in style from Irish popular music to Folk & Folk rock, I try to vary my ripping to avoid getting bored with one type, when you have listened to the same track, or tracks maybe 10-20 times it is nice to have a change!!

There is one thing about restoration over and above plain listening, you get to know some tracks very well, these stick in the mind for years, I can recall few of the best but many of the worst tracks, restoration-wise, hence the need to vary genre/style.

WATCH this BLOGSPACE for more to come.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Here Now!... Mara! (Australian World Music group)

Australian Group "Mara!", album "Images"

This amazing album has at last come to light after years of only having a poor tape copy, the LP has been
ripped, it is in rather poor condition, very noisy and will take considerable work to get it to a reasonable
listening standard.

Like most copies I have heard, the poignant "Past Carin'" track on this LP is also very poorly recorded, very quiet and suseptible to every smallest click & scratch, with some strange panning on the voice which makes conventional noise reduction very difficult. I will have to resort to largely manual methods to remove the noises, this means that there will be some time before any of it is available.

Tracks: Side One.

1. Streets of Forbes
2. Dance of Zalongou
3. Sadila Jana
4. Corpus Christi Carol
5. Nesa nesa

Side Two.

1. Little Duke Arthur's Nurse
2. Past Carin'
3. Sareni Carapi
4. Ajde Red Se Redat
5. Tropnalo Oro


Mara (Kiek): Vocals, Tapan, Darrabukka, Tambourine.
James Llewelyn Kiek: Bouzouki, Guitars, Electric bass.
Jim Denly: Flute, Denleyphone, Alto Sax, Darrabukka.
Mike Haughton: Recorder, Tenor & Soprano sax, Vocals.

Special Guests:

Danny Thompson: Double Bass
Terry Cox: Drum Kit
Paul James: Bagpipes (English), Shawm.
Paul Miller: Gaida.

Rip is complete now, with the exception of Side 2, track 2 which is just passable, but not as good as the other tracks

Music link HERE

Password for RAR is gonzokiek


Link to re-worked Streets of Forbes track HERE

The Dr Bowsers "Disaster" Good News

The new rip of side 2 of Dr Bowsers Brown Bowel Oil
band album "Not to be Sniffed at" is now completed.

The lesson learnt here is that physical cleaning of
LP's is far more important than any electronic
cleaning, though both are needed for a good result.

Music link for new rip Side 2 is DL

The difference between the original rip side 2
where the record had not been washed, and
the rip of the properly washed side 2 is really
noticeable. The auto-declicking and de-noising
used on the unwashed side had to work so hard
it seriously muddied the music, removing all
the fine detail, like the delicate sound of the
harpsichord, now appears crisp and clean.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Jazz restorations "The Frog Island Jazz Band" (1970)

Here is an interesting restoration of a 1970 Trad Jazz group from Burnham Bucks.

The Frog Island Jazz Band, Burnham, Bucks, December, 1970


I'm going away
Come on and stomp,
Mandy Lee blues
Sobbin' blues
Mabel's dream
Buddy's habits
Where did you stay last night ?
Kansas City stomps
Jazzin' baby blues
Merry makers twine
Chimes blues
Froggie Moore


John Whitehead (cnt)
Ray Joughin (tb)
Bernard Winfield Stutt (cl,as)
Keith Durston (p)
Dave Price (bj)
Rob Fullalove (tu)
Chris Marchant (d)

LP: Stomp (ROBB004)

Recorded by John.R.T Davies

John.R.T. Davies should be known to all jazz fans
as the man behind so many restored recordings, also
a musician himself, played mainly brass instruments
with Ken Colyer, Mick Mulligan, Sandy Brown, then
part of the popular "Temperance Seven" band in the
60's & 70's. John's main nickname was "ristic" but
in the "Temperance" he was called by the rather odd
name of John Yusef (RT) Davies-Smith, believed to
be because of his dressing in an Arab Turban  Fez for a
recording session.

Although the picture would suggest that this album
is available on CD, as far as I know it is not, the cover
picture was created by me from the LP artwork, not
in very good condition sadly. The music is far better
after some careful restoration.

It is rather fitting that a recording made by "Ristic"
should need restoration, it has been my pleasure to
do this task in a similar spirit to that which "Ristic"
employed, though I will admit to using modern tools
something that John shunned for most of his work.

Please note: The last track has some seriously bad
tracking distortion, not uncommon on the last track
of an LP side, what you have here is best possible.

Music Here

Password for Rar file = gonzoFIJBS

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Follow on from the "CopperSongs" video

In the video there was mention of Bob Copper's recordings of local folk
for the BBC. Here is one album of those recordings, this features songs
from the English counties of Hampshire & Sussex.

Featured singers:
Noah Gillette, George Attrill, Jim Swain, George Fosbury, Ben Butcher.
a Mrs Chapman, Frank Bond, Fred Hewett, Gladys Stone, Leslie Johnson
Enos White and Victor Brown (Nicknamed "Turp")

All these are mono recordings made between 1954 and 1957, published on
the TOPIC lable in 1977 (12T317) "Songs & Southern Breezes"

Side One

01/1 ; The Bonny Bunch of Roses
02/1 ; Epsom Races
03/1 ; The Banks of the Mossem
04/1 ; False Lanky
05/1 ; Cruel Lincoln
06/1 ; The Silver Pin
07/1 ; The 'chiner's Song
08/1 ; God Bless the Master

Side Two

01/2 ; The Prickle-Holly Bush
02/2 ; Three Maidens a-Milking Did Go
03/2 ; Her Servant Man
04/2 ; Rolling in the Dew
05/2 ; George Collins
06/2 ; In Sheffield Park
07/2 ; The Streams of Lovely Nancy
08/2 ; As Broad as I Was Walking
09/2 ; Six Jolly Miners

Music Here

Password for the RAR is gonzoSSBRE

Friday, 12 December 2008

Summerhaze "Sweetheart" Cleaned up version

Pilgrim Jake posted this album to Time-Has-Told-Me Blog, only partially cleaned, with his agreement I have done some de-noising on it, presented here for your enjoyment (I hope)

Jake tells me he is going to make a better scan for this album when he can, so best keep an eye on here or on T-H-T-M blog.

Some tracks on this album are "Folky", some are really "Jazzy" and some are definitely "New Age" so a good mix of styles.

Sample the de-noised version HERE

There is a password for this = gonzohaze


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Blowzabella their First Album (Eponymous) 1982

Here is the first album from Blowzabella

If you don't know this group, then this is your chance to hear their first recordings

Side one

S1/T1 Blowzabella / Marriage Marches
S1/T2 L'Enfant De Dieu / Faerie Dance
S1/T3 Kolomtanz
S1/T4 Bourrée De Sologne / Ai Vist Lou Loup
S1/T5 Two Scottishes
S1/T6 Yane Sandanski

Side two

S2/T1 Bourrée De Brand / Valce Sauteuse De Rett
S2/T2 Jenny Pluck Pears / Half Hannikin
S2/T3 Cotillon / Drops Of Brandy
S2/T4 Three Polka Piquées
S2/T5 The Sun From The East / Laura
S2/T6 Bourrée À Huit / Bourrée Tournante
S2/T7 Bourrée (Anon.) / Bourrée De Cusset

Arranged By, Producer, Percussion - Blowzabella
Artwork By [Graphics And Artwork] - Graham Bignell , Janina Lech
Bagpipes [English Bagpipes], Tin Whistle, Recorder - Jon Swayne , Paul James (6)
Bagpipes [Flemish And Macedonian Bagpipes], Flute - Jon Swayne
Bouzouki - Chris Gunstone
Drums - Chris Gunstone , Dave Roberts (4)
Engineer - Mark Powell
Hurdy Gurdy - Cliff Stapleton , Sam Palmer (2)
Melodica [Melodion], Piano, Tambura - Dave Roberts (4)
Photography [Cover Photograph] - Ian Martin
Saxophone, Bombarde, Rauschpfeife - Paul James (6)
Vocals - Chris Gunstone , Jon Swayne , Paul James (6)

Music Links DL

Password is gonzoblowza

Blowzabella was formed in Whitechapel, London in 1978 by

Bill O’Toole (bagpipes, flutes) from Sydney, Australia and

Jon Swayne (bagpipes, flutes) from Glastonbury, Somerset.

The first musicians they invited to join them either came
from London or were living there at the time -

Chris Gunstone (bouzouki, tapan);
Juan Wijngaard (hurdy-gurdy, flemish bagpipes)
who taught the band some of the first tunes they played;
Sam Palmer (hurdy-gurdy) who took over from Juan in 1978,
Dave Armitage (melodeon, bombarde, percussion).
Dave Roberts (melodeon, percussion) joined in late 1979
when Bill returned to Australia.

When the band began Jon, Bill and Dave were studying woodwind
instrument making and Sam had just finished studying fretted
instrument making at the London College of Furniture
in Commercial Road, Whitechapel E1.

Jon and Sam lived in an area of run down tenements rather
optimistically called Fieldgate Mansions near the Whitechapel
Bell Foundry, the East London Mosque and the men’s hostel
where Joseph Stalin once stayed. When Jon returned to Somerset
he passed on to Dave Armitage his flat at 14 Fieldgate Mansions,
Myrdle Street, Whitechapel, London E1 which was Blowzabella HQ
for the next five years or so.

Chris lived in Blackheath and was heavily involved in balkan music
and dance.

This led to there being a Macedonian “wing” of the band called
Izvoren who played with Balkan dance groups around London.

Australian multi-cultural music guru Linsey Pollak
(macedonian gaida, kaval, saxophone) was in London around that
time and played balkan music with some of the band and Peter Lees,
a wonderful hammered dulcimer player who they met at the College
did a few gigs with Blowzabella in the very early days.

The name Blowzabella

is the name of an English jig from the late 17th or early18th centuries.
Bill came across it in Wrights “Complete Collection of Celebrated
Country Dancing” while trawling in the Vaughan Williams Memorial
Library at Cecil Sharp House for one octave English tunes to play on
the bagpipes. The “blow” and the “bella” seemed to describe the sound
they made and the name stuck.

First LP:

Blowzabella. Plant Life Records. PLR 038. 1982. Chris Gunstone, Paul James,
Sam Palmer, Dave Roberts, Cliff Stapleton, Jon Swayne.


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Northumberland for Ever High Level Ranters (1968)

This album is another gathered on an Australian trip, the artwork is only a digital photo, there is no A3 scanner in my tourist kit. Meanwhile, some track and artist details.

Side One

01/1 ; Shew's the Way to Wallington ~ the Peacock Followed the Hen
02/1 ; The Sandgate Girl's Lament ~ Elsie Marley
03/1 ; Bellingham Boat ~ Lambskinnet
04/1 ; Adam Buckham
05/1 ; Meggy's Foot
06/1 ; The Lads of the North Tyne ~ the Redesdale Hornpipe
07/1 ; The Hexhamshire Lass
08/1 ; The Breakdown ~ Blanchard Races

Side Two

01/2 ; The Lads of Alnwick ~ Lamshaw's Fancy
02/2 ; Byker Hill
03/2 ; Whinham's Reel ~ Nancy
04/2 ; Because She Was a Bonny Lass ~ Salmon Tails Up the Water ~ Sweet Hesleyside
05/2 ; Dance to Your Daddy
06/2 ; Billy Boy
07/2 ; Nae Guid Luck Aboot the Hoose
08/2 ; Mi' Laddie Sits Ower Late Up
09/2 ; The Keel Row ~ Kafoozalum ~ the Washing Day

Tom Gilfellon: Guitar
Forster Charlton: Fiddle, Northumbrian Pipes
Colin Ross: Fiddle, Whistle, Northumbrian Pipes, Jews Harp
Johnny Handle: Accordion, Guitar, Piano
Alistair Anderson: English Concertina

Music links HERE  (Page 9)


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Johnny Collins with friends "Free & Easy" 1982

Johnny Collins with friends "Free & Easy" 1982

"Honest John" A Vocal album, mostly unaccompanied

Johnny sings with Friends, to quote his words:

" I never really enjoyed singing 'at' People
my greatest pleasure comes from singing 'with' people"

Johnny's friends are:

Jim & Anni Mageean
Tom & Barbara Brown: of "Regalia"
Charley Yarwood
Geoff Anderson & Keith Pollard: of "Peglegg Ferret"
Accompliment by Bob Siddall: Mandolin & Guitar
Tom Brown: ocassional Concertina

Side one Tracks:

01/1 ; All Among the Barley
02/1 ; Nelson's Victory at Copenhagen
03/1 ; Down in the Mine
04/1 ; Sporting Dogs
05/1 ; The Penny Wager
06/1 ; Thomas Hanley
07/1 ; The Devil in York
08/1 ; Green Grows the Laurel
09/1 ; Strike the Bell Landlord

Side two Tracks:

01/2 ; I Can Hew
02/2 ; The Leaf
03/2 ; Sheffield Apprentice
04/2 ; The Mare & the Foal
05/2 ; Wind and the Rain
06/2 ; Old Brown's Daughter
07/2 ; Farewell to the Fields
08/2 ; Free & Easy

The RAR file contains music & artwork scans

RAR password is gonzoJCFE


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High Level Ranters "Ranting Lads" Topic (1976)

This is an album of Songs from the North East of England, typically TYNESIDE

Performed by:

Alistair Anderson: English Concertina, Vocal.
Tom Gilfellon: Vocal, Guitar, Citern.
Johnny Handle: Vocal, Accordion, Piano, Northumbrian Pipes.
Colin Ross: Vocal, Fiddle, Hardanger Fiddle, Northumbrian Pipes,
Whistle, Gew-gaw.


Fairly Shot of Her / Wife of My Own / Dance to your Daddy
Lass Doon on the Quay / Kielder Hunt / Alston Flower Show
Jane of Biddlestone / Fortune Turns the Wheel / Fenwick of Bywell
Elsie Marley / Hoop Her and Gird Her / Captain Bover
Here’s the Tender Coming / Success to the Fleet / Proudlock’s Hornpipe
Hesleyside Reel / Stanley Market / Marquis of Waterford / Bottle Bank / Hawk.

The quality of this rip is not up to current standards, it was collected on one of my Australian trips, recorded on a laptop PC with a conventional 16 bit sound system.

However it was recorded at 320k and that is how it is presented here, with front artwork.

OLD Download link: 
NON EXISTENT LINK Digital-Think-Indi site re-organised
NEW Download Link HERE

Please note that this is NOT the album issued by Veteran records with a similar cover picture
that is "Along the Coaly Tyne", see their TOPIC catalogue for more info about that CD.


That CD (TSCD498) has similar artists. ALONG THE COALY TYNE:

Old and new songs from the Northeast, including such characteristic and well-loved pieces as Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie Hinny and Dance to Yer Daddy. The singers are Louis Killen and Johnny Handle and Tom Gilfellon of the High Level Ranters, accompanied by themselves and fellow Ranters Colin Ross and Alistair Anderson.

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Copper Songs video parts 9-17 links

Link9: part 9/17
Link10: part10/17
Link11: part11/17
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Link14: part14/17
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Link16: part16/17
Link17: part17/17

That completes the lists of links for all 17 parts.


Here NOW in all it's GLORY (new rip side 2)

The second of the "Dr Bowser's Brown Bowel Oil Band" LP rips

This album finds the "Bowsers" much more polished than on the first, this is a must for all traditional (Playford) dance fanatics, it's also pretty good just to listen to. When you have stopped laughing at the ribald comments on the cover, there is the factual and functional booklet that contains the lyrics, the steps and the music in standard format.

One well known folk musician said about the band .....
" Their name is the best thing about them"
(He's anonymous to avoid having a warm lard enema forced on him)
and who wouldn't with a threat like that hanging over his head
(or rather his nether regions) ?

This album is not owned by me, it is being restored for a friend,
so cleaning of the second side will be at his convenience.
(Come to think of it, perhaps that would be a good place to clean it)

Well I hope it was worth waiting, I've now made an attempt at cleaning
the remaining side, the results are not as good as I had hoped but it is listenable.
(See what you think?)

Addendum: See later post for information regarding Side 2 re-rip

There are THREE files for this album
(Ok I admit it, I'm trying to up my Rapid Share ratings)
No seriously, the whole thing came to well over 100 megabytes,
so to give those with slow links the chance to "get in slowly"
I've put the booklet (14 pages), the scans (front and back)
and the music files (12 tracks) all in separate files.

(Links follow)

Music at 320k Stereo (old rip Side 1 is OK, see below for side 2) DL
Scans at 300DPI (2400 * 2400 pixels) DL
Booklet in A4 size pages in monochrome JPG format DL

Music link for new rip Side 2 HERE

Password where needed is warmlard


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Artwork resource Bush Hall Concert

The link for this picture can be found Here

Links for "Coppers" Video file parts

Copper Family history video links Parts 1 through 8 (of 17)









Singing Coppers

This is the FIRST post to my blog:
Some information about me and what I do:

I've been a closet Folker & Jazzer for more years than I care to disclose. With the advent of computers, I became an IT person, naturally using computers to create or to edit music was the next major event. I am currently restoring early folk music vinyl discs to preserve the music and keep it in a digital form.

This restoration work is time consuming, complex but very rewarding, I make some of my work available both on file sharing systems, and on blogs, as I believe that music must be spread to survive and the more that can enjoy it, the more it will grow.

There are many hundreds of recordings available that will NEVER see the digital light of day and be released on CD for the mass market, these out of print recordings stand little chance of ever seeing a return to popularity and often exist only in the memory of the listener, having long gone out of the limelight.

If my restoration work helps a few of these gems back into circulation, them my efforts will be worthwhile to more than just myself and my listening enjoyment.

My first post will be out of the normal, being a video of the COPPER FAMILY who did and are still doing a marvelous job in keeping traditional songs alive.

Links in comments, until I find how to add a "clicky"

Update... See next post for clickable links