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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

the "Brave Ploughboy" Songs in a Sussex Pub

A short excursion from the great Topic label for this gem on the XTRA label which has singers previously aired on past postings like the Coppers, Bob Blake, Cyril Phillips, George Spicer & Bob Lewis. Here the venue is an ale house in Lewes, Sussex (the Lewes Arms) in May 1974.

Side One:
01/01 ; Cyril Phillips ; The Sussex Molecatcher
01/02 ; Bob Lewis ; Ale. Ale, Glorious Ale
01/03 ; Bob Blake ; Old John Braddlem
01/04 ; The Coppers Bob, John & Lynne ; Two Young Brethren
01/05 ; George Belton ; Jim the Carter Lad
01/06 ; George Spicer ; Down Where the Buttercups All Grow

Side Two:
02/01 ; The Coppers Bob & John ; The Brisk Young Ploughboy
02/02 ; George Belton ; All Jolly Fellows That Follow the Plough
02/03 ; Bob Blake ; The Basket of Eggs
02/04 ; Bob Lewis ; John Barleycorn
02/05 ; Cyril Phillips ; The Lakes of Coolfinn
02/06 ; George Spicer ; The Barley Mow
02/06 ; George Belton ; The Sussex Toast

Music HERE

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Reading the comment from Vic Smith reminds me to point out an interesting article he wrote 7 or 8 years ago where he interviews Bob Lewis about his development as a singer, his influences and source of his songs.

Thanks Vic


Vic Smith said...

This photo was taken outside "The George" in Crawley, a rather swish, posh hotel and not at all an "ale house". The Lewes Arms, in Lewes, where the recordings were made in the folk club which I ran there, was a much more welcoming environment for the old Sussex singers that are involved in this recording. As one of the singers, Cyril Phillips, commented to me afterwards:-
"Dunno why the took us to the bloody 'George' to have the photos done. They'd no more let you shit on their carpets than sing in there."

Gonzo said...

What a lovely insight to the confusions of publicity, just for show. I guess the "George" frontage was considered more photogenic that the Lewes venue, which by the way I know and was very pleased to pay a visit to in November 2010, found the old room very cosy and in keeping with the whole folk genre, which is more than can be said for the toilet facilities sadly :-))

Kelvin Pawsey said...

A true delight of local singing! Excellent. A fine quote from Mr Smith that sadly sums up too many landlords...