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Thursday, 1 January 2009

"Songs from the Sussex Coast" John Doughty (1976)

Slipping back into the English county of SUSSEX to the coastal area
here is another from my TOPIC collection (12TS324) John Doughty.

Johnny was a fishermen and also operated the ferry at Rye Harbour.
In later life he became famous as a folk singer.
He died in September 1986 at the age of 83

01 - Herrings’ Heads
02 - Wreck of the Northfleet
03 - When I was Single
04 - Golden Vanity
05 - Saucy Sailor
06 - Baltimore
07 - While Going Round the Cape
- Round Rye Bay for More
08 - Spanish Ladies
09 - The Sailor’s Alphabet
10 - The Mermaid
11 - Marry Me
12 - I’m Going to be Mother Today
13 - Barbara Allen
14 - My Boy Billy
15 - Dick Turpin ~ Let Her go Back
16 - Rye Harbour Girl
17 - Streets of Port Arthur

Rye Harbour Girl goes like this:-

"With me hand in me pocket and a few extra bob,"

"Rye Harbour village, I was right on the job,"

"When someone said, "Johnny," I'm turning around,"

"The loveliest crumpet in the village I've found."

"Oh Rye Harbour girl, oh Rye Harbour girl,"

"And I thought she was sweeter than any."

"She had jewels and pearls and her hair hung in curls
And on her I spent all my money."

"That dear little miss, she gave me a kiss,"

"She set my poor heart in a whirl."

"I'll never forget the first time I met,
That dear little Rye Harbour Girl."

** NOTE **

The Cover picture above is self constructed from an
available publicity photo, the original is not to hand.

 Update 2011

 The Original LP Rear cover

The Original LP Front cover

 Sample Booklet notes (rest in download)

Music link HERE
Topic have now made this available as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Cover artwork and booklet pages  HERE

Password for cover information   gonzoJDRRB

Links refreshed

Great news:
A visitor to this blog has send me the cover and the notes associated with the LP.
sincere thanks are due to him for allowing me to complete this entry.
Please look at his recent and charitable adventures to the outer Hebrides
An interesting transcript of a radio interview with Johnny Doughty can be found


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your efforts. I'm really looking forward to hearing this.

Anonymous said...

If anyone doubted that being able to download music was an encouragement to later purchase - I first heard (and downloaded) this through your site (July 2010), and was delighted to find a physical copy of the record just this week (May 2011). I've rarely been so excited to find an LP! Thank you for keeping this music alive so that 'youngsters' like me can discover it in the digital age :-)

ofwoods said...


Could you please refresh this John Doughty link.

Thank You