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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Varry Canny (Canny Fettle) Tradition TSR023 (1975)

Another North Eastern group LP, Tradition TRS 023 (LP, UK, 1975)
Full cover scans will be in the download.

The restoration completed now, though it was a bit noisy in places (rythmic clicks in some tracks) this album was a joy to work on, the songs holding my interest by their sheer musicality, to a degree that I missed some of the lesser scratches and clicks and had to go back over each track a few times. Steve Turner appears here with some of his earliest work, his higher register voice is so easily recognised on his later works, classics like "Squid Jigging Ground" on "Jigging One Now" album, posted on THTM blog about a year ago, if he is new to you, well worth checking him out.

Side One Tracks:
1. Here's the Tender,
Liberty for Sailors.

2. Owre da Moors ta Maggie,
Green Grow da Rushes,
Da Nipping Ground,
Oot An'in da Harbour.

3. Bonny Light Horseman.

4. Oakey Strike Evictions. (Tommy Armstrong)

5. Shew's the Way to Wallington,
Andrew Carr,
Long Room at Scarborough,
Peacock Followed the Hen.

6. Another Round. (Richard Barret)

Side Two Tracks:
1. Varry Canny. (Joe Wilson)

2. Go to Berwick, Johnny,
Be Merry and Wise.

3. Erin's Green Shore.

4. Cooper of Stannerton Heugh (jig),
Black and the Grey (jig),
Random Jig.

5. Elsie Marley,
Fill the Tankard.

6. Gipsy's Lullaby.

Bob Diehl, fiddle:
Gerry Murphy, English concertina, small pipes, whistle:
Steve Turner, banjo, mandolin:
Bob Morton, guitar:

Tracks are TRAD, except where shown.

Link to RAR file HERE

Password for RAR file is gonzoVCAN

Great News 
Steve Turner has two of his old LP's NOW available on CD
Eclogue  and  Braiding  Both on Fellside

You can find info about them them here 


Aggy said...

Enjoyed this one, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow! - what an absolute gem! Many many thanks for this.


Anonymous said...

Your gift will go on giving, Gonzo. I'm very grateful for this. Garry

Anonymous said...

But what was the other Canny Fettle LP called? Do you have a copy? Is there any possibility of it becoming available by some miracle? This recording is very good: I mean in both/three senses. Your rip is beautiful. It's better than a CD. It was a good tape in the first place. And the performances are great. There is no better version of Bonny Light Horseman, and I've heard many. Steve Turner has a remarkably fine singing voice. I hope to hear his Jigging One Now one day before I die.

Gonzo said...


Canny Fettle "Trip to Harrogate" is the other album, sadly I do not have a real copy, neither does my friend in Tasmania, the only copy I know of is an MP3, and at rather a low bit rate too, so not much can be done to improve it.. Thanks for your comments though, maybe someone will read and make us all an offer, we can hope!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Gonzo! We live in hope.

coco said...

Hello can i have the password for the steve turners albums???

Gonzo said...


Eh, where too?