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Saturday, 21 February 2009

"The Whistlebinkies" LP (1977)

Purchased from a second hand shop in Deloraine (Tasmania) for a $Few
Nicer and clean and plays well was the description, so we'll see..
( a few minor cross track scratches that resolve to low thumps, no skips
so in general the description was true)


Side One:
1. Jig of Slurs
2. Haughs O'Cromdale
3. Fairwell to Nigg ***
4. Mrs. McLeod and Friends
5. The Battle of Sherriffmuir

Side Two:
6. Ireland
7. Brittany
8. Donald MacGillivray
9. Sword Dances
10. The Piper, the Harper, the Fiddler. ***


Rab Wallace. pipes
Eddie McGuire. flute and alto flute.
Rae Siddall. fiddle.
Mick Broaderick. drume and vocal.
(with) Charles Guard. clarsach, and Peter Anderson. drums.
Recording: Edinburgh April 1977.

Tracks marked *** appear on the 1991 CD Anniversary, the remainder of tracks do not seem to have been re-issued.

Download HERE

Password for the RAR is gonzoWHBK

The front picture is a digital camera photograph, there is no rear picture as the LP was left in Tasmania with a friend, who as yet has no scanner.
I have now some more detailed track name content, that would be too long to use as MP3 titles so the tracks shown that are medley's contain the following tunes:-

Side One:
1. Jig of Slurs (Alena MacAskill, MacDonald's Exercise)
4. Mrs. McLeod and Friends (Raasay,Staten Island,Peat Fire flame,Reel of Tulloch)

Side Two:
1. Ireland (Brian Boru's March,Eileen Aroon,O'Keefe's,Morrisons Jig)
4. Sword Dance set (Gillie Callum,The Barn Dance,Sleepy Maggie, The Blacksmiths)
5. The Piper, the Harper, the Fiddler.(Royal Scottish Pipers, The Ness Pipers)

Please visit the Whistlebinkies site HERE to see their CD collection and concert appearances
There is a posting on THTM blog site from the Piper with the band (Eddie McGuire) re this years Edinburgh Fringe festival where they will be appearing.


Aggy said...

That is certainly one band name that does not inspire confidence in the quality of the music. Ahahah, here's to hoping that it is extremely misleading.

Paul the Stockman said...

Now, this is a group that has readily changed its composition since their first appearance in 1971 in an untitled LP. Someone ripped that one and published it at 320kbs and I then gave it a bit of a clean up but the music is fairly ordinary. Thankfully, there was much improvement with their 1975 LP and I am looking forward to hearing this one once you get it up. Here's hoping it all goes well. Many thanks Gonzo.

Gonzo said...

The group has a good musical pedigree each and every one, has produced some very straight traditional stuff, perhaps that is why they are perceived as a bit "square". This is not outstanding compared to the Canny Fettle I recently did, but different styles suit different people, it's really a case of "Meat & Fish" comparison as described by the French.
People STILL like Jimmy Shand's music you know!

Aggy said...

Glad to see their ridiculous name isn't a reflection of their music! Thanks for this, Gonzo.

Gonzo said...

Well there you go Aggy, always a surprise waiting in the wings!!

Paul the Stockman said...

Just to help avoid any future confusion:-
There were two albums self-titled "The Whistlebinkies". The previous was one produced by Deacon in 1971. This one is occasionally referred to as "The Whistlebinkies 1" because, first, because of the duplication problem and, second, because the next four LPs were also self-titled but numbered 2 to 5 as well. A good discography advising of the participants in each LP to No 5 can be found at:-

Gonzo said...

There is ALWAYS confusion with record issues, specially where groups sign with different labels. It takes enthusiast web sites like Nigel's to produce the definitive information, based on personal possessions of LP's and CD's.
Thanks for the working link, I only had his previous one from another site, despite writing to the web master to tell him he had dead links, I got nowhere, I guess has some advantages :-))