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Monday, 6 April 2009

"Tansey's Fancy" Eponymous 1983


Checkout the history of Tansey's Fancy and Mara! by clicking on the group picture in the sidebar on this blog

Tansey's Fancy Artist Biography. This Australian group was formerly known as Tensey's Fancy, then Tansey's Fancy.

Album Tracks:
1. Aqua serven
2. Sar planina
3. Burning of the piper's hut
4. Blantyre explosion
5. Zensko oro
6. Eleno mome
7. Wee weaver
8. Jove mala mome
9. Unicornis captivatur
10. Chanson de Guillaume le vinier
11. Rada pere ~ Ela mi velice
12. Cherry tree carol
13. Twa corbes

Artist lineup:

Adrian Coleridge: Violin, Mandolin.
Davood Tabrizi: Darabukha.
Doug Kelly: Gittern,Mandora,Oud,Bouzouki, Tamboura,Guitars, Saz.
James Llewelyn Kiek: Guitars, Bouzouki, Electric bass, Tamboura.
Kim Sanders: Flute, alto-saxophone, tenor-saxophone.
Lindsey Pollak: Gaida, wooden flutes, soprano-saxophone,
ocarina, harmony vocals.
Mara Kiek: Vocals, tapan, bouzouki, percussion.
Steve Elphick: Bass

They finally became Mara! with Artist complement

Mara Kiek & James Llewelyn Kiek forming the mainstay
Taking on Jim Denley, Mike Haughton, Terry Cox, Paul James
and Paul Miller, with Danny Thompson Guesting on Double Bass.

Jim Denley (Mara!) and Steve Elphick (Tansey's Fancy) appeared
together again on the "Summer Haze" album with Cathie O'Sullivan
published in 1987 on the Larrikin lable. (posted on THTM blog)

Notes from Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Mara have adopted a highly original style encompassing a whole range
of musical influences, including songs and tunes from France, Persia,
Greece and Macedonia.

Whether performing the 15th-century ballad "Riturnella" or a more
contemporary song, the group successfully displays a clever marriage
of European music and jazz influences.

Tansey's Fancy (1983)

As Mara!

Images (1984) : Already Posted on this Blog
On The Edge (1987)
Don't Even Think (1990)
Ruino Vino (Rufus 1996)

Lindsey Pollak was instrumental in bringing a greater awareness of World music in Australia, he is a multi-instrumentalist known to make and play some pretty novel instruments, some made from vegetables. Not your usual ocarina or conch shell either.

Music HERE
(File contains Front and Rear scans at 1200 & 2400 DPI)

Thanks to BoHaG for his marathon effort on the scan stitching part of this post.

Password for RAR file gonzoTFAN

Please read the comments to this post for further information on the MARA! side of the story


Anonymous said...

At last, a replacement for my played-to-death vinyl copy. This was my first intro to Balkan music and is still one of the best. Many, many thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

The Mara discography continues on beyond "Ruino Vino":

Songs With Mara (1992)
-- credited to the Meryl Tankard Dance Ensemble, but it sounds like a Mara album to me. Curiously, reference to this album has disappeared from the official web site. It does exist, I own a copy.

Sezoni (1997)
-- billed to Mara and the Martenitza Choir. Released on the Real World label in the USA and Europe, this one is common.

Live in Europe (2001)

Sorella (2006)

Back to the "Images" album: the discography on the official Mara web page says that album was on Plant Life label for the UK (the crunchy pressing I own) and EMI for Australia. I wonder if an Australian copy would be any cleaner, and how would one go about finding one?


Anonymous said...

Even more about Mara -- 5 CDs now available via CD Baby!!! These are the five that the band controls the rights to: "On The Edge," "Don't Even Think", "Ruino Vino," "Live in Europe," and "Sorella." These have never been easily available in North America before. My copies came through Internet barter, and through sending an International Money Order to the band.


doug said...

doug kelly here. co founder of Tansey's Fancy who went on to form Churinga amongst others
i have vinyyl lp's of Tansey's fancy if anyone would like to obtain one

Gonzo said...

@ Doug

Doug I sent you an email.

Thanks for you comments and information, I hope others get in touch.

Anonymous said...

Even more about Mara!

Mara! have two recent cds:

"Mara Meets Marais" explores early music (Mara Kiek sang with the early music ensemble Sinfonye sometime back)

Mara and the Martenitsa Choir sing Balkan choral music on "Tra Parole e Silenzia."

RTJ in USA, Mara fan

For USA-ians, CDBaby offers physical CDs and paid downloads. Mara's own website offers sales as well, and that will likely be better for Australians.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering about where the name Tansey's Fancy came from.
Thank you
Joseph Tansey

doug kelly said...

looking to digitally release this via spottily etc. you may well have the best wav files. can you help me?

doug kelly said...

If any one wants one I have many copies of the original australian vinyl release of this album

Gonzo said...

Hello Doug,

I'll email you so we can establish a link.. Thanks for your new post, pleased to be of SOME service :-))