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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Dominic Behan "Easter and After" 1958

The 1976 re-issue cover:-
The 1965 re-issue cover:-
From information published on the excellent "Balladeers" web site HERE
I now feel confident in posting the Dominic Behan tracks I do have, as coming from one of these two TOPIC LP's 12T44 (1965) or the 2nd issue from 1976. Nick Kelly lists both these covers with the same Topic reference, but since this is very unlikely I am posting both of his cover pictures.

Tracks on these albums:

Side One:
Erin Go Brath
It's a Grand Old Country
The Recruiting Sergeant
Slean Libh
Sergeant William Bailey
Barry's Column
The Boys of the County Cork

Side Two:
Johnston's Motor Car (Lyrics below)
Sean Tracy
Take it Down from the Mast
The Castle of Drumboe
The Merry Ploughboy
Sean South
The Oul' Alarm Clock
The Patriot Game

Dominic Behan: Vocals
John Hasted: Accompliment

Music download Here

Extra Lyrics, not included in the archive

Johnston's Motor Car Side 2 / Track 1

'Twas down by Eagen's corner, one morning I did stray
I met a fellow rebel there and this to him did say
"I've orders from the Captain, to assemble at Drumbar
Ah but how can we assemble, without a motor car?

Oh, Barney dear, be of good cheer, I'll tell what we'll do
Sure the Orange Men have all the cars, and we have but a few
We'll wire to Stranorlar, before we get that far
and We'll give the boys a jolly good ride in Johnston's Motor Car

When Dr. Johnston got the wire he soon put on his shoes
Says he, "This case is an urgent, and no time must I lose.”
He wore a fancy Castor hat and up on his coat a star
You could hear the din all through Glenfin, of Johnston's Motor Car

Now when he got to the railway bridge he met the rebels there
He knew the game was up for him, for at him they did stare
Says he, "I have a permit to travel near or far.”
We don't want your English permit, we want your Motor Car

What will all the specials say when ere they hear the news
My car it has been captured by the rebels at Dunloos
"We'll give you a receipt for it, all signed by Captain Barr"
And, when Ireland gets her freedom, you'll get your Motor Car

We put the car in motion and filled it to the brim
With rifles, bayonets shining, sure old Johnston he did look grim
And Barney hoisted the Sinn Fein flag and we shot off like a star
And we gave three cheers for Freedom and Johnston's Motor Car

When the Specials heard of this, it filled their hearts with scorn
they swore they'd have reprisals before the day was o'er
They searched the hills and valleys and woodlands near and far
But the IRA were far away in Johnston's Motor Car.


Reinhard Zierke said...

Hi Gonzo,

I have a handfull of Topic records from the 60s to the 70s with reissues having different convers, see e.g., so this Dominic Behan record having two covers isn't unlikely at all.


Gonzo said...

Yes Reinhard, thanks for examples, it gets more confusing all the time...

But, similar reference numbers? that seems unusual.