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Monday, 11 May 2009

Bonny Lass Come O'er the Burn (Various artists) 1965

Topic 12T128 "Bonny Lass Come O'er The Burn."

Various Artists:

Side One:

1. Twa Corbies - Ray Fisher;
2. Fil Uo Ro Hu-o - Dolina MacLennan;
3. Gypsie Laddie - Robin Gray;
4. Beggarman - Enoch Kent;
5. Hug O Ran O Ru - Dolina MacLennan;
6. Donal Don - Enoch Kent;
7. Kilbogie - Ray & Archie Fisher;

Side Two:

1. Night Visiting Song - Ray & Archie Fisher;
2. Bonnie Lass Come O’er the Burn - Enoch Kent;
3. Far Over the Forth - Ray Fisher;
4. Butcher Boy - Enoch Kent;
5. Puirt a Bue - Dolina MacLennan;
6. Erin Go Bragh - Enoch Kent;
7. Bratach Bana - Dolina MacLennan.

Link to the music & scans HERE

Password for the RAR is gonzoBLCO


Halewijn said...

Just taking this post to say thanks once again for all the fine Topic gems.
Well done, Polarbadger ;-)

colmcam said...

Thanks for this (I'm a Ray Fisher fan) and for all your other items too. Keep going!

Anonymous said...

This is a stunning collection. The version of Twa Corbies is heartstopping ..

thanks so much!


Psicodelia pura said...

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Greetings from Argentina

Paul the Stockman said...

What an excellent compilation. Many thanks mate.

Anonymous said...

This is just great. Thanks so much Gonzo

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
Thank you for this. Archie was in there at the beginning of the revival and is still to the forefront today.
I used The Corries version of Twa Corbies when workshopping balads through drama and am looking forward to hearing this version. Bert Jansch also has the ability to convey the power of the ballad.
Essential listening from 1965 when the music ruled A1OK.
Cy from Portknockie.