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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Horden Raikes "King Cotton" 1972

This album has been posted before on THTM blog but you might like to have this copy too, different scans, and what to me sounds a better rip than the original one.
This copy is, as near as I can tell, on the correct pitch, the original one seems fast.

The album theme covers the songs associated with the cotton & weaving industry in Lancashire from the mid 1750's through to the 1850's. It portrays the hardship and poverty of the area and the time, where children as young as six were employed in the mills to add to the family's meagre income. Come the age of mechanisation, steam mills etc and the workers objected to the loss of jobs, resulting in sabotage of the new mills, and the forming of the "Luddites" led by Ned Ludd with a similar aim to the Croppers, that of disabling the weaving frames by removing vital parts.

Tracks on this Album are:

Side One:
1. King Cotton         [re-ripped]
2. Bread Tax
3. The Factory Bell
4. Bonny at Morn
5. Maid of the Mill
6. Grimshaw's Factory Fire  [re-ripped]
7. Smokeless Chimneys        [re-ripped]
8. July Wakes

Side Two:
1. My Master & I
2. Preston Guild 1842
3. New Bury Loom            [re-ripped]
4. The New Farmer
5. Preston Mills
6. Great Enoch
7. We are Forced to be Contented

Bit rate VBR 192-256k Lame 3,90 Stereo

Link to music and scans HERE

Password for the RAR file is gonzoHRKC

Those tracks marked as [re-ripped] have been updated from the compilation
album posted in July 2012, there is some improvement in quality so I will
be posting a 4 track update here when it is completed...


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful record. In fact I am a big fan of everything I've ever heard involving the seemingly woefully under-appreciated Brian Preston (formerly Brian Dewhurst) - would absolutely love to hear the first Horden Raikes album one day.

All the best J.

adstocklad said...

I was fortunate to hear Brian at a folk club in the Oldham area in the mid 70's. I am also fortunate to own both vinyl copies of "King Cotton" and "Horden Raikes" - I believe the only two albums they made together. If I can get around to working out how to upload the latter I will be happy to share it - provided it is not breaching copywrite. Contact me if you are interested.

Gonzo said...

I think you'll find quite a few would be interested in the first HR album, specially if it is of good quality, which I gather it could be as you are a devoted fan. You did not leave (wisely) an email address, so you would need to contact me on
(suitably obfuscated) g o n z o rip (a t) g ma il . co m I have a very good S P A M filter.
Thanks for your interest.