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Saturday, 26 December 2009

"TIME and TIDE by Faraway Folk" 1972

I saw this album posted on another blog a few years ago, ever since, I have wanted to get a copy.
A friend has had this in his collection for years and only a chance conversation about West Country folk artists brought it into the conversation. We played it and it was pretty rough, so the wave files have been sitting here in the archive just waiting to be looked into, well before I started my archive blog, so now the time has come to do some serious work on it.

This is the 2nd album by the Faraway Folk, dated 1972 on the RA record lable from Paington Devon (U.K). I have never found this on CD, I'd guess it is too far off the beaten track to be considered worthy of a re-issue, but we can hope.

The cover picture is of the "Charlotte Rhodes"
(Owned then by Capt' AJB Mackreth)

This ship was used in the BBC TV series
"The Onedin Line" if it looks familiar.

Restoration is now completed as far as it goes

Side ONE:

1. Melanie
2. Seasons of Time
3. Rue (a version of "Let no Man Steal your Thyme"
4. Sinner Man
5. Vanishing Age
6. Got No Time

Side TWO:
1. Faraway
2. Lady Waiting
3. Lowlands
4. Summer Time (George Gershwin)
5. Good Time Charlie
6. Time you old Gypsy Man

John Turk: Mandolin, Vocals
John Hartshorn: Kazoo, Vocals
Jon Eden: Bass
Nick Ramsey-Whale: Drums
Tony Waldron: Electric Guitar
Roger Hodgeson: String Bass
Clive Powers: Flute
Shirley Turk: Vocals, Finger symbals, Xylophone, Kazoo
Judy Whittington: Vocals, Tambor, Recorder, Washboard.

I find it quite difficult to fix this album in one genre, it is traditional
Folkie, Rocky, Country all in one
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have done, being exposed
to the innermost workings of the tracks many times over,
I find myself wondering HOW I missed this the first time.

Updated January 2010

Five tracks of side two are now completed, but as is often the case
the second side is much worse than the first, the last track has
defeated me for a while so I've uploaded the second side without
track 6 for the moment, I will re-visit the last track at a later date
and work on the 20,000 plus tiny clicks & scratches (Yes that many)
I think this LP was stored in a bed of fine sand !!!

For more info on the formation and history of FARAWAY FOLK see HERE 
and for this restored album  Download Here


Paul the Stockman said...

I'm looking forward to this one. I have someone's rip of their "Seasonal Man". Nice performers

Gonzo said...

Interesting Paul, not heard that album, what is the quality like?

fairydust said...

I could help you out with the missig track from this lp and there's also
rips of "seasonal man" and "Live at
the bolton" available from me (all
in 320 kbps, highly recommendable)
If you're interested, please let me know via e-mail... yours a very nice blog, by the way...


Gonzo said...

@ fairydust
If you read the notes here you will see that the final track on the 2nd side was never posted, for some reason it is far worse than the others and has not yet been restored.
The other albums I have at 192k, yours may be better.
You did not (wisely) leave your email address here.

Gonzo said...

@ Fairydust
I have put up my copy of side 2 track 6, see what you think, if yours sounds better, then I would like a copy for the blog please.

You wisely did NOT leave your email address, so you will need to email me
gonz or ip (a t) go og le ma il. co m