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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"Broadside from Grimsby" Topic 12TS228 (1973)

Here is an interesting album with songs and ballads from the English county of Lincolnshire: Topic 12TS228 1973: This album was ripped by a friend of mine, Reynardine, I did a little edit on it and tidied up a bad track or two.

The Singers here were at the time all resident singers of the Grimsby Folk club, and the main organisers of same club. The Songs: Collected in Lincolnshire in the early part of the 20th century by Frank Kidson, Percy Grainger and Lucy Broadwood were later recorded on an early Edison-Bell phonograph, the first use of mechanical apparatus in Britain to record traditional music.

The LP back cover has comprehensive details of the song sources and some interesting historical facts about the songs and recordings.

Tracks Side One:
1. Seventeen Come Sunday
2. Lincolnshire Wedding Song
3. The Bold Grenadier
4. The Gardener and the Ploughman
5. Free and Easy
6. The Outlandish Knight (Small part of this track was bad, made Mono)
7. Caistor Fair

Tracks Side Two:
1. Dicky Turpin
2. Lisbon
3. The American Stranger
4. Maria Marten
5. The Poacher
6. Creeping Jane
7. The Banks of Sweet Dundee

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Paul the Stockman said...

A great album this one. Many thanks to Reynardine and Gonzo.

jason said...

Enjoying the Bud Freeman album. Thanks again...appreciated.

Gonzo said...

What ever happened to Reynardine, he just seemed to vanish? It's a nice album and very similar musically to some of the late Johnny Collins albums which is easy explained as there is one common song "Free & Easy" and some of the singers did at one time join in on one of the JC albums.

Anonymous said...

Hi - me again - your unknown guitarist is I suspect a Brit called Johnny Dickinson, just racked my brains and google him - looks pretty close and in some pics he plays the same guitar.
Should be seeing Reynardine's brothers tomorrow down the pub, so should find out what's what. WIll keep in touch!

Gonzo said...

Excellent, thanks, you have given me a lead, now I must dig out the Sidmouth programs, see if I can confirm this, and what year it was.
I have so many (hundreds) of photo's taken at the festivals from 199x up until 2006, and the venue (Bedford Hotel) is still currently being used, at least it was in 2009. Do you want to email me for information exchange?

dobbie said...


Could you check the password, please?
It refuses to open with the given one ...

Thank you and greetz!

Gonzo said...

try typing in the password by hand, you maybe pasting it with an extra space, works here, at least side one did.