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Folk & Jazz fan, specialising in vinyl restoration. Although I would prefer to only post albums that I have paid for, or those of close friends, I am open to suggestions and offers of rare Folk items that need tender care and restoration, provided the supplier has the right of ownership of the physical item. NOT JUST an MP3 COPY of it. To give you an idea, I am prepared to restore vinyl belonging to another person, IF I receive a decent quality scan of the front, back and any relevant information that comes with the LP, preferably at least 2400 by 2400 quality, (600DPI scans for back) along with the sound files in FLAC format as waves are a bit too large to transfer. Then I will check their suitability for restoration. I try to maintain the requirement for a decent set of scans for each item, where possible, as I feel the music is incomplete without it. Sometimes this is just not possible as a lot of my stock came from broadcasting organisations that had their own heavy card sleeves, with information relevant to their prime function, that of providing the disc-jockies with basic details to pass on to listeners. I do wonder what happened to all the original artwork?

Saturday, 31 January 2009

"Songs & Music of the Redcoats" Argo ZDA 147 (1971)

Another rare album on the Argo label, features artists like
Martyn Wyndham-Read, the Druids, Gerry Fox

The theme of the album was inspired by Lewis Winstock's book
Songs and Music of the Redcoats:
A History of the War Music of the British Army 1642-1902
Published by Leo Cooper Ltd, London 1970.

Progress on the restoration is slow, so will be some time before
any music is available. So I am completing it in chapters. The
quality of the rip is variable across the disc, none of it warrants
the extravagance of 320k, so I've used a medium VBR setting.

Chapter One:
The Civil Wars
1. The English March ~ John Gwyn's Air
(Band of the Scots Guards)
2. When the King Enjoys His Own Again
(Martyn Wyndham-Read)
3. When the Cannons are Roaring
(Keith Kendrick, John Adams, Martyn Wyndham-Read)

Chapter 1 HERE

Chapter Two:
4. Over the Hills
(Martyn Wyndham-Read)
5. Sergeant Morris' Song
(John Adams)

Chapter 2 HERE

Chapter Three:
Seven Years War
6. The Marquis of Granby
(Band of the Scots Guards)
7. The Girl I Left Behind Me
(Martyn Wyndham-Read)
8. How Shands the Glass Around
9. Hot Stuff
(Gerry Fox)

Chapter 3 HERE

Chapter Four:
American Wars of Independence
10. Grenadiers March
(Band of the Scots Guards)
11. Light Infantry Song
(Keith Kendrick)
12. Over the Water to Charlie
(Band of the Scots Guards)
13. Roslyn Castle
(Band of the Scots Guards)
14. British Grenadiers
(Band of the Scots Guards + Druids)

Chapter 4 HERE

Chapter Five:
Napoleonic Wars
15. Love Farewell
(Mick Hennessey)
16. One and All
(Keith Kendrick)
17. The Owl
18. The Rogues' March
(Band of the Scots Guards + Druids)
19. Sahagun
(Keith Kendrick)
20. Lochaber No More
(Gerry Fox)
21. Sodger's Return
(John Adams)

Chapter 5 HERE

I have now moved on to the second side of the LP and am finding as is
often the case that side 2 is more noisy than side 1, my theory for this
is based on two assumptions
1. the second side picks up dust from the turntable while side 1 is
being played.
2. the LP is left on the turntable side 2 up after being played
completely and gets dust falling on it, so on the second play...!!

Anyone have any theories of their own?

The work continues

Chapter Six:
22. Hey for the Life of a Soldier
(Band of the Scots Guards + Druids)
23. Paddy's Resource
(Band of the Scots Guards)
24. Cheer Boys, Cheer
(John Adams)

Chapter 6 HERE

Chapter Seven:
Indian Wars
25. Bang Upon the Big Drum
(Martyn Wyndham-Read)
26. Here's to the Last to Die
(Martyn Wyndham-Read)

Chapter 7 HERE

Chapter Eight:
Late 19th Century
27. Jolly Die Hards
(Band of the Scots Guards)
28. Colonel Burnaby
29. Connaught Rangers
(Gerry Fox)

Chapter 8 HERE

Chapter Nine:
South Africa
30. Roy O'More
(Band of the Scots Guards)
31. Razors in the Air
32. The Wagon Loafers
(Mick Hennessey)
33. Soldiers of the Queen
(Martyn Wyndham-Read)

Chapter 9 HERE

That completes the album sourced from two originals
a cassette tape of an original vinyl, and a vinyl, it is
very fortunate that the real bad tracks on the vinyl
were somewhat better from the tape. You may notice
some tracks have been made into composite mono to
help reduce the tracking distortion from the worn vinyl.

I am still looking for a better front cover scan and a rear
scan to complete the set.

For more information about Martyn Wyndham-Read
and the Songs & Music of the Redcoats visit Reinhard Zierke's
site HERE

General password for all chapters will be gonzoSOTR

For more info about the ARGO record label, its history and development check  HERE

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bud Freeman (1906 - 1991) Rare Quartet LONDON (1966)

I have completed the restoration of this album, the quality is not up to that of the direct cut LP's from Chris Barber but considering it's age it is pretty fair, there is a little roughness in places, but still warrants the 320k 24 bit digitisation.

I cannot find any reference to this LP having ever been issued on CD, so it is presented here as an interesting
example of Bud's work with a small group, in what seems to be his first visit to England. The record has it that later in the 70's he appeared here frequently, in fact he lived in England for some years before returning to the USA.

On this Album Bud plays alongside British musicians recording in London's Marble Arch Fontana Studio.

Bud Freeman: Tenor Sax
Spike Heatley: Bass
Dick Katz: Piano (Ex member of the Ray Ellington quartet)
Tony Crombie: Drums


Side One:
01/1 ; Sweet Sue
01/2 ; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
01/3 ; Indian Summer
01/4 ; Higgins Said No
01/5 ; Mean to Me
01/6 ; Tea for Two

Side Two:
02/1 ; You Took Advantage of Me
02/2 ; Dinah
02/3 ; The Eel
02/4 ; Sunday
02/5 ; I Could Write a Book
02/6 ; I Got Rhythm



In order to gauge the level of interest in this album I would ask anyone interested to post a comment mentioning this album, your comment will be forwarded to me, I will post the password to open the RAR file to your EMAIL address but PLEASE disguise it by adding spaces between some letters and using "a t" instead of the usual symbol, also break up any . c o m  or . n e t  extensions.

This is NOT a spam email gathering exercise. Googlemail is pretty hot on spam prevention, but still too much is getting through so I have removed my email address from posting.

Monday, 26 January 2009

More Travellers songs (TOPIC 12TS395) (1979)

TOPIC album 12TS395 "Travellers." Songs, Stories and Tunes from English Gypsies.


Side One:
01/1 ; Chris Willett ; The American Stranger
01/2 ; Harry Brazil ; Bold Keeper
01/3 ; Wisdom Smith ; Go From My Window
01/4 ; Alice Penfold ; Little Footman Boy
01/5 ; Jasper & Joe ; God Killed the Devil~meeting the Devil
01/6 ; Joe Jones ; Yonder Comes the Devil
01/7 ; Harry Brazil ; Sally Monroe
01/8 ; Jasper Smith ; Pepper & Salt
01/9 ; Mary Ann Haynes ; Lovely Johnny
01/10 ; Harry Brazil ; The Loyal Lover
01/11 ; Jasper Smith ; Climbing Up the Apple Tree
01/12 ; Jasper Smith ; Bird Scaring Cry
01/13 ; Jasper Smith ; Hacking Clover
01/14 ; Bill Elson ; Step Dance Tune
01/15 ; Debbie & Penny Harris ; Barbara Ellen
01/16 ; Wiggy Smith ; Hares in the Old Plantation

Side Two:
02/1 ; Harry Brazil ; Rambling Irishman
02/2 ; Jasper Smith (Bill Elson) ; Down in the Meadow
02/3 ; Harry Brazil ; A Blacksmith Courted Me
02/4 ; Chris Willett ; Once I Was a Servant
02/5 ; Harry Brazil ; The Gown So Green
02/6 ; Harry Brazil ; The Flower Show
02/7 ; Jasper Smith ; Waxy Candles
02/8 ; Jasper Smith ; The Coachman
02/9 ; Lemmie Smith ; Bonny Black Hare
02/10 ; Joe Jones ; The Cuckoo's Nest
02/11 ; Mary Ann Haynes ; Hopping Down in Kent~my Lovely Hops
02/12 ; Chris Willett ; Swinging Down the Lane
02/13 ; Derby Smith ; Will There Be Travellers in Heaven

Music HERE

Password for RAR is gonzoTVLR

The RAR contains all the music & spoken tracks encoded with LAME 3.90.3 at 192k stereo, plus
a slightly better front cover photograph than the blog picture, as with the previous post, no rear cover scans are available. These albums all belong to a collector friend in Tasmania, who has no scanner, the text is not good enough to produce a worthwhile and readable picture.

Gypsy (Romany) songs from the TOPIC lable (1976)

Album: TOPIC 12TS304 "The Travelling Songster" Artists: Phoebe, Minty, Jasper & Levy Smith.
Recorded: Mike Yates 1975-76:

Tracks include:

The Small Bird’s Whistle / The Sheepfold / One Penny
The Basket of Eggs /The Pony March; Whistling Rufus
Green Bushes / Raking the Hay /The Moon Shines Bright
Father Had a Knife /The Jew’s Garden / Step Dance Tunes
Sweet William / Johnny Abourne / Died For Love
The Irish Girl / Captain Thunderbold
Jigs and Polkas incl: Cock of the North; Flowers of Edinburgh;
The Girl I Left Behind Me

Music HERE

Password for the RAR is gonzoTRSO

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

British Jazz, Chris Barber "Creole Love Call" 1981

Some input from Reynardine: A lovely collection of "Post Trad" Trad
from one of the masters of the British Trad Jazz revival... Chris Barber.

Disc One Tracks:

Side One:
01/1 ; Stevedore Stomp
01/2 ; Come Friday
01/3 ; Sweet Sue

Side Two:
02/1 ; Wild Cat Blues
02/2 ; St Louis Blues
02/3 ; Alligator Hop

Disc Two Tracks:

Side One:
01/1 ; Queen Bess
01/2 ; Creole Love Call

Side Two:
02/1 ; South Rampart Street Parade
02/2 ; Snag It
02/3 ; Easter Parade

This has been sourced from a pair of "Direct Cut" LP's, the quality of the sound is superb so the 320k bit rate is retained, along with full stereo not the "joint stereo" so often the default mode of many rippers. An early
version of LAME encoder too, before it became seriously crippled in it's frequency response by successive, so called improvements brought about by changes in the development team.

A side note here to ALL rippers, if you use LAME, use an early version 3.89 - 3.92 has the best frequency response, steer clear of 3.95 -3.98 If you use a front end or an encoder program that uses the LAME code
make sure you replace the LAME executable (lame.exe) or the LAME linked library (lame.dll) that your encoder uses.

(These are usually declared in the set up, or incorporated as default coders by bundling the LAME code in the program installation folder)

Earlier Lame executables and Lame linked libraries are STILL available though not at the usual sites, these mostly contain the later crippled versions.

Early lame versions HERE Expand the RAR file and point your browser at the hypertext (HTML) files in the Lame 3.90 folder they explain the settings required for most uses of LAME.

Disc One Music HERE
Disc Two Music HERE

Password for the RAR's is gonzoCBLC

Thanks to Reynardine for his hard work on this superb album set

Friday, 16 January 2009

A Poem by Mike Harding (before he became JUST a radio presenter)


by Mike Harding

Bring on the rosy-cheeked girls,
Bring on the smiling ones, the light-footed dancers,
Those that sing with their eyes,
Those with the warm breasts and the soft hands,
Those that look deep in the eyes, and not at the garbage of garb.
Bring on the dark, the fair, the brown-as-a-berry,
Bring them on, all of them, with their wet, laughing mouths,
The fat, the thin, the short and the lanky,
Let them be as full of life as a pod with peas,
Let them be as company-comfortable as an old friendly jacket, young or old,
But most of all. . . . let them be merry

And then take all the others.
All the tight-lipped, crab-faced, mewling, mithering,
Niggardly, sour-faced, crab-mouthed, cold-titted, tight-arsed,
Moaning, sullen, frozen-legs-together, money-grubbing bitches!
Take them and heap them all together
On some cold, bleary, dreary moor
In the howling sleet and moaning drizzle of November. . . .
and leave them there!
For it deserves them, and they each other.

Then bring on the lads, the smiling lads!
Open-handed, shoulder-to-the-wheel lads,
Lame-dogs-helped-over-stiles lads,
Take-a-pint, stand-a-round lads,
Good, laughing lads.
Lads with a quart of life in their hands
And eyes that look straight. . .
Bring on the tall, the short, the long,
The runners, the walkers,
Those that can hammer, those that can turn out a song,
Bring on the fat, the thin, the bald and the hairy, young or old,
So long as they sup life by the gallon. . . .
So long as they're merry

Then take all the others.
All the sly-eyed, twisty-mouthed grabbers and fumblers,
The shifty-faced, two-tongued, lead-swinging lizards,
The snotty-nosed, mardy-arsed bullies and false friends. . . .
And stick them up to their necks in the foulest stinkpot of an old bog you can find. . . . Head Down!
And leave them there!
But for God's sake, not too near that moor with all the old whores. . .
If they meet up and breed. . . we're all buggered!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Small Jazz Excursion "Perugia" Sir Roland Hanna (1974)

Artist: Sir Roland Hanna

Album Title Perugia
Date of Release Jul 2, 1974 (recording)
Genre Jazz
Styles Swing, Hard Bop
Type live at Montreaux
Time 41:12

1. Take the "A" Train - 6:14
2. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)- 7:31
3. Time Dust Gathered - 6:22
4. Perugia - 8:12
5. A Child Is Born - 5:40
6. Wistful Moment - 7:13

Alan Bates - Producer
Michael Cuscuna - Producer, Liner Notes
Sir Roland Hanna - Piano
Stephan Sulke - Engineer
Neil Tesser - Liner Notes
Raymond Ross - Photography

Strange squeeking on recording could be a peddle or maybe a creaky piano stool, this feature can be heard on most tracks, its gets quite annoying in the end..

Generally this recording is unusual, in that there appears to be little or no limiting used, the LP has been mastered at lower level than normal to cope with the peaks, this gives the production a very explosive sound and shows up the surface noise and rumble on the disc.

However, all the faults aside, this is how a good piano recording SHOULD sound, not like some available, where the instrument sounds like someone draped a heavy carpet over the top, this a bright, forceful and incredibly alive recording.

Play it L O U D but watch the wine glasses.

Artwork (digital photo of front) is provided

Music HERE

Password for the RAR is gonzoPERU

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Johnny Collins (even more) Jim & Johnny "Live at the HERGA"

Work now complete on this superb live album, that up to now was only available as a poor quality corrupted MP3 on some P-2-P file sharing systems "Sweet Folk & Country" SFA 123. I wish they would re-issue some of their recordings on CD..

Some of the traditional tracks that JC fans will have come to expect on here, for example ---

"Poor Old Man", paired with "Pay me the money Down"
"Admiral Benbow", "Sail Away", "Leave her Johnny"
and some tracks composed by some of JC's friends
"Northwest Passage" (Stan Rogers) "Diesel & Shale"
(Cyril Tawney), "Silver in the Stubble" a poignant
track from the pen of Sydney Carter, one I never
heard Johnny do before, the words are magic & true!
Amazingly NO "Farewell Shanty" on this set
this being replaced by a "Saltpetre Shanty", a
medley ending with "Leave her Johnny"

Quite a lot small clicks on this sample, so will be a few days in preparation, recorded in 1982, limited
quantity only, sadly my copy is NOT signed ...

Notice the free plugs on the cover for Vin Garbutt and for the Haddenham Ceilidh's, nice one!

Front scan only is included in the RAR file, this is a 1200 copy, better resolution than the 800 blog
picture. More postings with details to follow when I get a new scanner.

Link to music HERE

Password to RAR is gonzoLAH

It's HERE the replacement scanner, learning time begins NOW, watch this space..!!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Johnny Collins (More) Sea Shantys from Friesland

"Strontrace" an album of sea shantys sung live at the Dutch (Friesland) barge and sailing festival (Workum)

Festival takes place every year in October (oktober) has three main events. The evening of the actual race
a "Liereleit" is organised when Friesian folk musicians and guests sing sea songs (old and new). Jim and Johnny were invited for one of these evenings, hence this LP.


Jim Mageean
Anni Mageean
Johnny Collins

Side One:
01/1 ; Randy Dandy (Capstan Shanty)
01/2 ; Blow the Man Down (Halyard)
01/3 ; Ranzo Ray (Halyard)
01/4 ; Poor Old Man (Halyard)
01/5-6 ; Roll the Old Chariot (Stamp 'N' Go) ~ Serafina (Halyard)

Side Two:
02/1 ; Billy Boy (Capstan Shanty)
02/2 ; Roll the Cotton Down (Capstan)
02/3 ; Chicken on a Raft (Modern Sea Song)
02/4 ; Ja, Ja, Ja (Pump)
02/5 ; Leave Her Johnny (Pump) ~ Rolling Home (Forbitter) ~ the Farewell Shanty

Strontrace originates from the Friesian sailors that used to carry the "Stront" (Cow Dung) to the bulb fields of Holland, originally in the "raw" liquid state, but for this race for safety reasons, dried.

Music link Here

Front artwork by digital camera ONLY click on picture to enlarge

Sorry no scans at the moment (need a new lamp for my scanner) Even W O R S E news, no spares available, so new scanner needed I did ask nicely at Christmas, but no one heard (goes into sulk mode)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

the "Brave Ploughboy" Songs in a Sussex Pub

A short excursion from the great Topic label for this gem on the XTRA label which has singers previously aired on past postings like the Coppers, Bob Blake, Cyril Phillips, George Spicer & Bob Lewis. Here the venue is an ale house in Lewes, Sussex (the Lewes Arms) in May 1974.

Side One:
01/01 ; Cyril Phillips ; The Sussex Molecatcher
01/02 ; Bob Lewis ; Ale. Ale, Glorious Ale
01/03 ; Bob Blake ; Old John Braddlem
01/04 ; The Coppers Bob, John & Lynne ; Two Young Brethren
01/05 ; George Belton ; Jim the Carter Lad
01/06 ; George Spicer ; Down Where the Buttercups All Grow

Side Two:
02/01 ; The Coppers Bob & John ; The Brisk Young Ploughboy
02/02 ; George Belton ; All Jolly Fellows That Follow the Plough
02/03 ; Bob Blake ; The Basket of Eggs
02/04 ; Bob Lewis ; John Barleycorn
02/05 ; Cyril Phillips ; The Lakes of Coolfinn
02/06 ; George Spicer ; The Barley Mow
02/06 ; George Belton ; The Sussex Toast

Music HERE

Password gonzoBPB

Reading the comment from Vic Smith reminds me to point out an interesting article he wrote 7 or 8 years ago where he interviews Bob Lewis about his development as a singer, his influences and source of his songs.

Thanks Vic

Folk Songs of Britain Vol 3 "Jack of all Trades"

This is one of the Topic series of "Folk songs of Great Britain" This presents songs about many trades in the country, first recorded in the USA by Peter Kennedy & Alan Lomax and issued in 1961 on glorious mono, this is the Topic copy (1966)

Track info: Artist: Title:

Side One:
01/1 ; Bob & Ron Copper ; Jovial Tradesmen
02/1 ; Blanche Wood ; The Roving Journey Man
03/1 ; Phil Hammond ; Candlelight Fisherman
04/1 ; Jimmy White ; Canny Shepherd Laddie
05/1 ; John Maguire ; Dairy Maid
06/1 ; Sean McDonaugh ; Green Brooms
07/1 ; Jimmy McBeath ; Gruel
08/1 ; Edward Quinn ; Jug of Punch
09/1 ; Mrs a Cosgrove ; Gresford Disaster
10/1 ; John Strachan ; Jolly Miller
11/1 ; John Doherty ; Irish Washerwoman
12/1 ; Jessie Murray ; Farewell to Whisky
13/1 ; John McDonald ; Roving Ploughboy

Side Two:
01/2 ; John McDonald ; Buchan Miller
02/2 ; Wickets Richardson ; Fagan the Cobbler
03/2 ; Frank McPeak ; Ould Piper
04/2 ; Bob & Ron Copper ; Sweep, Chimney Sweep
05/2 ; Agnes & Bridie Whyte ; Mason's Apron
06/2 ; John Strachan ; Rhynie
07/2 ; Joe Tunney ; Tailor by Trade
08/2 ; John Doherty ; the Wee Weaver
09/2 ; Jack Goodfellow ; Jim the Carter Lad
10/2 ; Davie Stewart ; Drumdelgie
11/2 ; Bob & Ron Copper ; Merry Haymakers
12/2 ; Seamus Ennis ; I'll Mend Your Pots and Kettles

Music download Here

I do wonder how the transfer from the CAEDMON (USA) album to the TOPIC was done, because there were two distinct types of noise and clicks found during the clean. Fresh bright clicks from the current rip and duller ones underlying, possibly from the original vinyl.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

"Tommy Armstrong of Tyneside" (see comments)

There is a CD issued for this album, I'm looking for more details for
interest, of course the music from this album will NOT now be
available on here.
However there is a download available  HERE  (Page 12)

"Canny New Cassel" Various Artists Topic 12TS219 (1972)

Work completed on this album, I was promised a scan of the back cover but it has yet to arrive from a friend in Tasmania, so for now there is only this digital camera picture.

Track listing:

Side One:
01/1 ; Canny Newcassel ~ Sandgate Girl’s Lament
01/2 ; Miller’s Wife of Blaydon
01/3 ; Ee Aye, as Cud Hew
01/4 ; Three Crows
01/5 ; Billy Boy
01/6 ; Bonnie Gateshead Lass
01/7 ; My Lad’s a Canny Lad
01/8 ; Till the Tide Comes in
01/9 ; Silly Galoot
01/10 ; Fire on the Quay

Side Two:
02/1 ; Billy Oliver’s Ramble
02/2 ; Jowl and Listen
02/3 ; Weary Cutter
02/4 ; Graveyard Shift
02/5 ; Wylam Away
02/6 ; Footy Against the Wall
02/7 ; My Old Man’s a Dustman
02/8 ; Four and Twenty Bob
02/9 ; Blaydon Races~Keep Your Feet Still~Geordie Hinny

Music Link HERE

Password is gonzoCNC

Bob Davenport "Down the Long Road" (1975)

Work is completed for this album, but the last track side 2 "The Blarney Stone" is so poor quality that it has been made into a mono recording to recover anything listenable, compared to the other tracks which are reasonable, I can only conclude this copy is just a bad pressing. (See comments in track list)

Track info

Side One:
01/01 ; Navvy Boots
01/02 ; Down the Long Road
01/03 ; The Rambling Man
01/04 ; (Barn Dance) Louis James' Quadrille~the Dancing Dustman
01/05 ; When I Was Single
01/06 ; I'm a Poor Unhappy Married Man
01/07 ; (Jigs) When There Isn't a Girl About~Peggy Wood~Looking For a Partner
01/08 ; Wild Wild Whiskey
01/09 ; Whisky in the Jar
01/10 ; (Reels) the Steam Packet~the Sligo Maid

Side Two:
02/01 ; Herbert Smith's Polka
02/02 ; One Day While I Was in the North Country
02/03 ; A-Begging I Will Go
02/04 ; The Wealthy Squire
02/05 ; By Tyne's Bonny Banks
02/06 ; Once I Had an Old Hen
02/07 ; (Polka's) Jenny Lind~Jb Milne~the Girl with the Blue Dress on
02/08 ; Bogie's Bonnie Belle
02/09 ; Irish Molly Barn Dance
02/10a ; A Toast (To the Bee)
02/10b ; The Blarney Stone (Poor Quality)

Artist information:

Martin Clarke: Melodeon
Don Mackay: Melodeon
Jackie Wright: Mandolin, Banjo
Jim Wright: Banjo
Reg Hall: Plays the piano

Reg Hall: Melodeon
Michael Plunkett: Fiddle
Paul Gross: Fiddle

Tony Engle: Anglo-concertina
Peta Webb: Fiddle
Alan Ward: Cello
Ken Lees: Banjo

Lucy Farr, Paul Gross, Jimmy Power: Fiddles
Frances Geraghty, Johnny Gorman: Flutes
Tommy Sheridan: Uillean Pipes
Jim Bainbridge: Melodeon

Music Topic

Sound of the Cheviots "Cheviot Ranters" (1972)

Not a lot to say about this album really, except it is a classic DANCE
album. Authentic and informative notes are provided along with a
glossary of terms but for listening to, and of course cleaning and
editing, it is probably the most BORING album I have ever worked
Every number is of the same format in fact at one time I thought
I had done the same track twice. However it is highly regarded in
dance circles, as is the band, so ignore my comments, take a listen.

You'll get some set dances, Hornpipes, the odd Quick Step, Waltz
a Rant, and some Reels.


Bryce Anderson: Accordion
Jack Thompson: Fiddle
Denis Smailes: Drums
Phil Sutherland: Double Bass
George Mitchell: Piano


Side One:
01/1 ; Circassian Circle Part 1
02/1 ; Hornpipes
03/1 ; Washington Quick Step
04/1 ; Northumbrian Waltz
05/1 ; Morpeth Rant

Side Two:
01/2 ; Cumberland Reels
02/2 ; Corn Rigs
03/2 ; Waltz Country Dance
04/2 ; Drops of Brandy
05/2 ; Circassian Circle Part 2

Recorded 1971, issued on Topic 1972 (12T214)
So its mono, none of your actual stereo width or instrumental placement
which considerably detracts from the pure listening enjoyment of shutting
the eyes and imagining the band on stage. Therefore, even though it was
done at my usual 24bit sampling rate, the MP3's are only at 192k, this
is quite adequate for a true mono source and can be considered to
exceed that of a stereo 320k on a channel for channel basis.

Music Topic

Thursday, 1 January 2009

"Songs from the Sussex Coast" John Doughty (1976)

Slipping back into the English county of SUSSEX to the coastal area
here is another from my TOPIC collection (12TS324) John Doughty.

Johnny was a fishermen and also operated the ferry at Rye Harbour.
In later life he became famous as a folk singer.
He died in September 1986 at the age of 83

01 - Herrings’ Heads
02 - Wreck of the Northfleet
03 - When I was Single
04 - Golden Vanity
05 - Saucy Sailor
06 - Baltimore
07 - While Going Round the Cape
- Round Rye Bay for More
08 - Spanish Ladies
09 - The Sailor’s Alphabet
10 - The Mermaid
11 - Marry Me
12 - I’m Going to be Mother Today
13 - Barbara Allen
14 - My Boy Billy
15 - Dick Turpin ~ Let Her go Back
16 - Rye Harbour Girl
17 - Streets of Port Arthur

Rye Harbour Girl goes like this:-

"With me hand in me pocket and a few extra bob,"

"Rye Harbour village, I was right on the job,"

"When someone said, "Johnny," I'm turning around,"

"The loveliest crumpet in the village I've found."

"Oh Rye Harbour girl, oh Rye Harbour girl,"

"And I thought she was sweeter than any."

"She had jewels and pearls and her hair hung in curls
And on her I spent all my money."

"That dear little miss, she gave me a kiss,"

"She set my poor heart in a whirl."

"I'll never forget the first time I met,
That dear little Rye Harbour Girl."

** NOTE **

The Cover picture above is self constructed from an
available publicity photo, the original is not to hand.

 Update 2011

 The Original LP Rear cover

The Original LP Front cover

 Sample Booklet notes (rest in download)

Music link HERE
Topic have now made this available as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Cover artwork and booklet pages  HERE

Password for cover information   gonzoJDRRB

Links refreshed

Great news:
A visitor to this blog has send me the cover and the notes associated with the LP.
sincere thanks are due to him for allowing me to complete this entry.
Please look at his recent and charitable adventures to the outer Hebrides
An interesting transcript of a radio interview with Johnny Doughty can be found