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Thursday, 7 January 2010

52 Years Ago "Toots Thielemans" Decca DL9204


A great album from the master of the "Gob Iron" (Harmonica) long derided by jazz musicians as a NOT A REAL jazz instrument, Toots proved otherwise, by playing with some highly respected jazz luminaries, he has become World renown.

The support artists on this album list like..

                                                    Hank Jones: Piano, Art Taylor: Drums
Doug Watkins: Bass, Urbie Green: Trombone
Billy Byers: Trombone/Arranger
Chauncy Welsch:Trombone
Santos Russo:
Al Cohn: Tenor Sax
Zoot Sims: Tenor Sax
Al Epstein: Tenor Sax

With Toots on Harmonica & Guitar

Side A:

1. The Nearness of You
2. In a Sentimental Mood
3. You Took Advantage of Me
4. Cool & Easy
5. Body & soul
6. Cuckoo in the Clock

Side B:
1. Tangerine
2. Early Autumn
3. Them There Eyes
4. Handfull of Stars
5. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
6. Clap Yo' Hands

Vinyl 12" LP DECCA DL 9204

Recorded January-February 1958

Music and scans HERE

Password is gonzoTOFT

This is another album ripped with the Edirol UA-1ex from the trusty Ariston transcription deck with the Shure V15 cartridge via the Tecnics phono amplifier.
Initial rip done at 96k sampling to extract the most possible from the album 
(including the scratches and clicks).
Noise reduction by Adobe Audition, fine click removal and final digital mastering with Sound Forge. Re-sampled and MP3 coded 320k CBR Stereo with LAME V3.90.


vilstef said...

some more toots:

Gonzo said...

Some more good stuff

vilstef said...

And more still:

vilstef said...

Gonzo, if you think there would be interest in this, you might want to make a separate post of it as not everyone reads the comments. Here's a link I found for a bunch of Stephane Grappelli's albums. Every link I have tried on it is live.

WOODY said...

Hi Gonzo,
thanks for the album "TIMEOUT FOR TOOTS", one of my favourite interpreter of the Jazz I like - beside e.g. the early recordings of the George Shearing Quintet, some productions were made together with Toots.

Just found your blog and I see that this will be a great discovery for me - and a great challenge for my hard disc too.....!

Gonzo said...

Welcome Woody
Not been very active on the blog front recently, lots to do in life as well as messing here, I am sure you know what I mean, but please find anything you like and enjoy it.
I own both the Toots albums here but check the comments in this posting from vilstef, some other material you might also like.

the jazzman said...

I missed this one. Glad I dropped by. Thanks.

rm said...

THank you very much!

Baron said...

Thanks again ... 52 years ago ... I'd be so lucky ... Baron