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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

* * * * VERY SAD NEWS * * * * Alistair Hulett... (a personal friend) dies 28th Jan 2010

Dear Friends, Blog visitors and anyone championing Human Rights

My friend of many years Alistair Hulett, Guitarist, Song Writer and Rights activist sadly died last week


He had only just launched into a new venture, a new group "The Malkies" which had a growing following.

I was lucky and privileged to be at one of the seminal live sessions at the "Mad Nannys" folk club in 2008 where Alistair and Phil Snell did a run through of some of the album tracks destined for the first Malkies album.

As a tribute to a great man, his friendship and compassion, I am going to present some live recordings that were done as a sound test for the "Mad Nannys" session. These are NOT studio quality, their purpose was just to assess the balance of the live presentation and to air the new tunes to a live audience.

I would request anyone that enjoys Alistair's music to visit the MALKIES web site and buy a copy of "Suited & Booted"  You can even sample some of the tracks LIVE on UTUBE

Or listen to the "Mad Nannys" session  HERE

A very good review of Alistair's involvement with music, from his early days in New Zealand, on to Australia and the Punk scene, through rock and finally to folk and landing back in the UK can be found in the excellent Living Tradition article of 1999  HERE

Password for this file is  gonzoAHPS

Pictures taken at Korks Wine Bar, Otley July 11, 2008 by Ian Watkinson
OK I know I spelt Nannies wrong, and got the "Mad" wrong in the tracks, but to be honest I was feeling
rather low at the loss of a good friend, its hard to think straight at such times.. R.I.P dear Alistair.

Judging by the amount of downloads of this live session, there must be quite a bit of interest in Alistair's performances, I hope that at least SOME of you have taken up the purchase option of the Malkies material, Alistair's partner Fatima has set up a charity to benefit from and manage contributions.


Manila said...

I can't say I knew Alistair, but I was lucky enough to meet him on a couple of occasions and found him to be not just extremely talented, but also a thoroughly nice, kind man. It's very sad news. My condolences to his nearest and dearest.

Gonzo said...

Absolutely agree, much missed by so many. It is always sad that you have to die to be recognised for what you did. Since the terrible news I have been running around trying to collect as much memorable material by Alistair as I can find, a lot cannot be blogged, this time, NOT because of the DMCA snoopers, but more so that any sales in the future of Alistair's unreleased material can reach the right place.

Craig said...

I only enjoyed the meaningful music of this man...I never saw him in concert...he opened my eyes to many issues...I feel honored just to have heard his music. With his passing and that of Utah Phillips the world is the lesser....

ryko1948 said...

Never a fan of the man but his music speaks for itself. I perform a couple of Alistair's songs and never tire of them. Thanks for a great, and for me recently discovered, site. Please keep up the good work. We may be small in number but we are very appreciative.