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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Re-Up time again "Martyn Wyndham Read, with the High Level Ranters" (1977)

This was originally posted on Time Has Told Me Blog it has long vanished from there and is referenced only on one other blog, but with no detectable download link.

This is a new fresh rip from a different LP, done at 320k.

 Tracks on this album
Side ONE
1.  Eccles Wakes
2. Bonny Beeswing
3. The Ballad of Trubshaw and Green
4. The Great Foot Race
5. Newcastle Wakes
6.  The Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey

Side TWO
1.  Sayerìs and Heenan's Great Fight
2. The Boat Race
3. The White Hare of Howden
4. The Noble Fox Hunting
5. Alnwick Football song
6. The Bullard's song

The "WAKES" were originally religious ceremonies, watches or vigils over the souls of the dead,  but were often usurped by unsavory characters that sought to make trouble, also money by entertaining the participants, eventually the proceedings turned from religious affairs into lecherie, glotony and sin. After the reformation, the Puritans succeeded in getting these affairs banned to the common marketplaces. Today "Wakes" refer to local holidays, at one time whole industries would close down for "Wakes".

Bonny Beeswing was a famous mare with a winning streak that lasted for 8 seasons in the 1840's  winning the Ascot Gold Cup,  the Chester and Doncaster cups.

Trubshaw and Green were famous wrestlers from Staffordshire.

The Foot Race was about an event held in Preston between two famous rival characters

Charcoal Black and Bonny Grey refers to Cock Fighting

Sayerìs and Heenan's were Prize Fighters

The Boat Race was a kind of Oxford and Cambridge affair only on the River Tyne a distance of about 5 miles.

The White Hare was a song about Hare hunting,  both for sport and for food, its original function.

Noble Fox Hunting, the sport of the gentry (before the PC brigade got in on the act) refers to the Lake district hunting, the "Cumbrian Hunt"

The Bullards Song seems to be related to Bull Bating,  eventually banned in 1835.

Alnwick Football song is about a Shrove Tuesday football match, an annual event in the 1850's

This archive contains the MP3 tracks from both sides, together with the front and back covers and the song descriptions in more detail than that above.

The password to unlock the tracks is gonzoMWRHLR


Lord Stranger said...

Whether you agree with it or not I don't think the ban on fox hunting had anything to do with political correctness.
Here's Stewart Lee on "PC gone mad"

Phil said...

I'm sure that this album will be appreciated by a whole new audience now it is available again.
Do you happen to have Border Spirit by the (New) High Level Ranters?

Gonzo said...


Sadly no, and I'd guess it is a lot newer and probably on CD too,so that makes it out of touch here. However I'll check.

Gonzo said...

Lord Stranger said...

Actually it was just a throwaway comment to fill some space in the description of that track, since the subject was topical a few years ago, long after the actual record was recorded, and a 100 years or more after the period of origin of the songs on it. I am well aware of the man in the video clips. Now IF he had put up for parliament that might have changed the voting quite a bit...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this