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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bounce back to Bud, Bud Freeman and Two Guitars " Something Tender" 1963

I missed this album in the previous Bud Freeman collection
Here we find Bud in fine company alongside two premier guitarists George Barnes and Karl Kress

Side One
1. The Eel's Nephew
2. Something Tender
3. Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Blues
4. Please
5. Disenchanted Trout
6. Satin Doll

Side Two
1. It Must Be True
2. Mimi
3. Doctor Paycer's Dilemma
4. Lets Do it Again
5. Mountain Greenery
6. Sweet Sue

I wondered about some of the titles here, it seems that Dr Paycer was a psychiatrist friend of Bud, from New York.
The Eel's Nephew was a grown up relation of one of Bud's best known tracks, one that showed his unique style off to the full, The Eel.
Disenchanted Trout is another in the Bud Freeman "Fishy Title" line

Mp3's and LP scans See Below

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Password for this album is  gonzoBFST 

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Anonymous said...

Is there any password for this?

Gonzo said...

Sure is, I just posted it after finishing the paperwork, I hope it was worth waiting for..

Anonymous said...


Thank you.

Both for the rip and the password.

Surely listening will pay for the long waiting of one day.



Markus aka Anonymous

Gonzo said...

OK Markus,
With the new file upload site I like to check the downloads first to make sure they are OK before opening the flood gates. :-))

chu said...


Thanks for another Freeman rarity!

John said...

Thank you for the Bud Freeman and Two Guitars set. Lovely music and at last an alternative to my ancient and very worn LP. Thanks again.