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Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Vinyl Rip from 2003 "PyeWackett" Eponymous album (1981)

An interesting album, difficult to place, a bit Folky, 
Jazzy, Comedy all together different from the 
normal Folk album.

The Groups first album from 1981

Tracks Side A

a1. Haufe Hannikin
a2. Harry the Tailor
a3. The Weary Cutters
a4. The Bonny Hawthorn
a5. Two Sisters
a6. Peppers Black~Tomorrow the Fox will come to Town

Tracks Side B

b1. Kettle Drum~Goddesses~Parsons farewell
b2. Hey then Up We Go~Jack-a-Lent
b3. Reynardine
b4. We Just Couldn't say Goodbye
b5. Aunt Nessy's White Horse
Ian Blake:      Recorders, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Rosie Cross:    Bassoon, Tambourine
Mark Emerson:   Violin, Viola, Keyboard, Drums, vocals
Laurie Harper:  Violin, Mandolin, Mandola, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Bill Martin:    Guitar, Accordian, Keyboards, Vocals

LP 1981  Dingle's  DIN 312
Vinyl cleaned, analogue transfer to digital tape (DAT)
Optical copying to PC for digitisation, Sound Forge
to remove clicks, glitches and rumble.

MP3 Encoded 128/256 VBR with Lame 3.93
Date 2003

Download LINK

Alternate Download
Another trial link  HERE
Password: gonzoPWKT

For more detailed information about this album please check here
Follow the further work of Ian Blake at his own site and studio in Canberra Australia

See Comments for more Pyewackett links


Anonymous said...

O.M.G. This one of my favorites from the era when i got back into listening to Britfolk. I haven't heard it since my turntable went into the rest home.

I have the second album on CD somewhere. Did the nearly-all-instrumental album, 7 TO MIDNIGHT, ever make it to CD?

Many thanks!


Gonzo said...

Do you know, I have no idea if 7 to midnight ever got to CD, however I do have a restored copy of the vinyl, if I dont find any reference to a CD I may consider posting this album too... Watch this space as they say!

Gonzo (away in some hotel in the UK)

DKmalo said...

excellent !, je ne connaissais pas du tout, merci

Anonymous said...


Gonzo said...

Incredible coincidence, as part of the search for a CD copy of 7 to Midnight, I came across the Squidoo site which also had more details on the eponymous (1981) album, I posted the link to this site on the listing, then checking the un-moderated comments, I find this suggestion from anonymous.

Thanks, pity I didn't check first.

Gonzo said...

@ RTJ You can find an early rip of the 7 to Midnight album which so far has NOT made it to CD, on Time Has Told Me Blog (THTM) I had forgotten that I had posted the link to my copy of the LP in a comment on that blog. After discovering the original posting was corrupted, the link is still valid though it does not contain any artwork, but the original blog posting has some at a reasonable size by clicking on the pictures and saving, you can download copies.

Gonzo said...

Links for 7 to Midnight vinyl rip.

Sharebee download link

Rapidshare link

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "7 to Midnight" link. I love the concept of that album, opening with "Ten Cents A Dance" and then moving on to an all-instrumental programme. It was great to hear it again after so long.

Sounds like some odd artifacts in track #5 (I think it was) -- some popping which might be digital clipping? And that sound is on another track, I think.


Anonymous said...

Sharebee link: "Due unknown reasons this action has failed"

Thanks for all the effort you put into this. I have some miscellaneous tapes taken from radio 30 years ago but sometimes I never know who is playing until I discover them here.

Gonzo said...

New upload for this album try this