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Folk & Jazz fan, specialising in vinyl restoration. Although I would prefer to only post albums that I have paid for, or those of close friends, I am open to suggestions and offers of rare Folk items that need tender care and restoration, provided the supplier has the right of ownership of the physical item. NOT JUST an MP3 COPY of it. To give you an idea, I am prepared to restore vinyl belonging to another person, IF I receive a decent quality scan of the front, back and any relevant information that comes with the LP, preferably at least 2400 by 2400 quality, (600DPI scans for back) along with the sound files in FLAC format as waves are a bit too large to transfer. Then I will check their suitability for restoration. I try to maintain the requirement for a decent set of scans for each item, where possible, as I feel the music is incomplete without it. Sometimes this is just not possible as a lot of my stock came from broadcasting organisations that had their own heavy card sleeves, with information relevant to their prime function, that of providing the disc-jockies with basic details to pass on to listeners. I do wonder what happened to all the original artwork?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Vinyl Rip from 2003 "PyeWackett" Eponymous album (1981)

An interesting album, difficult to place, a bit Folky, 
Jazzy, Comedy all together different from the 
normal Folk album.

The Groups first album from 1981

Tracks Side A

a1. Haufe Hannikin
a2. Harry the Tailor
a3. The Weary Cutters
a4. The Bonny Hawthorn
a5. Two Sisters
a6. Peppers Black~Tomorrow the Fox will come to Town

Tracks Side B

b1. Kettle Drum~Goddesses~Parsons farewell
b2. Hey then Up We Go~Jack-a-Lent
b3. Reynardine
b4. We Just Couldn't say Goodbye
b5. Aunt Nessy's White Horse
Ian Blake:      Recorders, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Rosie Cross:    Bassoon, Tambourine
Mark Emerson:   Violin, Viola, Keyboard, Drums, vocals
Laurie Harper:  Violin, Mandolin, Mandola, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Bill Martin:    Guitar, Accordian, Keyboards, Vocals

LP 1981  Dingle's  DIN 312
Vinyl cleaned, analogue transfer to digital tape (DAT)
Optical copying to PC for digitisation, Sound Forge
to remove clicks, glitches and rumble.

MP3 Encoded 128/256 VBR with Lame 3.93
Date 2003

Download LINK

Alternate Download
Another trial link  HERE
Password: gonzoPWKT

For more detailed information about this album please check here
Follow the further work of Ian Blake at his own site and studio in Canberra Australia

See Comments for more Pyewackett links

Monday, 4 October 2010

TANSEY's FANCY, Co-Founder Doug Kelly reports in

Please see the comments on the Tansey's Fancy posting for contact information     HERE

Some recordings are available from a band member in
L.P. Vinyl

TOPIC Folk Albums Yet to be RESTORED (Songs Of Series)

I have these in my collection, most un-restored as yet some will never be released as many of the tracks are either re-issued, or subject to future re-issues.

Most of these albums will need quite a bit of work to get to a reasonable listening standard, this is the task for the next few months, I am not promising them as Christmas Presents.

Courtship = Completed
Seduction = Completed
Jack of all trades = Completed 
Child's Ballads V4 = Completed
Sailor Men = Completed
Soldiers Life = Completed
Fair Game = Completed
Ceremony = Completed
Animals = Completed

I hope to be able to re-rip the remaining volume 5
the Child's Ballads at some time soon.
Meanwhile a good source of reference to these LP's and their content can be found HERE

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bounce back to Bud, Bud Freeman and Two Guitars " Something Tender" 1963

I missed this album in the previous Bud Freeman collection
Here we find Bud in fine company alongside two premier guitarists George Barnes and Karl Kress

Side One
1. The Eel's Nephew
2. Something Tender
3. Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Blues
4. Please
5. Disenchanted Trout
6. Satin Doll

Side Two
1. It Must Be True
2. Mimi
3. Doctor Paycer's Dilemma
4. Lets Do it Again
5. Mountain Greenery
6. Sweet Sue

I wondered about some of the titles here, it seems that Dr Paycer was a psychiatrist friend of Bud, from New York.
The Eel's Nephew was a grown up relation of one of Bud's best known tracks, one that showed his unique style off to the full, The Eel.
Disenchanted Trout is another in the Bud Freeman "Fishy Title" line

Mp3's and LP scans See Below

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Rapid Share link HERE
Password for this album is  gonzoBFST 

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