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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Peggy Seeger 1962 Topic TOP73 --------------- "Early in the Spring"

Another original Peggy Seeger
Thanks to a blog visitor's kind gesture.

Four more songs on the theme of LOVE
from the Lady with the Banjo 

Blog visitor "Gracenotes" has provided this EP
another in the same vein as the previous posting of "Troubled Love"

Tracks on this EP are:-

1. Madam I Have Come to Court You
   This song tells a story, where a suitor's advances are rejected until Money is mentioned.

2. When I Was in My Prime 
   The theme of this song is a classic tale of the regret for loss of virginity in a certain encounter.

3. So Early in the Spring
   The suitor, in this case a Sailor, returns from sea to find his lover has married a richer man.

4. The Chickens they are Crowing.
   The Chickens are crowing, it is time to go home!
   A couple probably spent the night together.
   (from a Cecil Sharp Appalachians song collection) 

Tracks completed, download HERE 

Password is gonzoPSEIS 

Again this is a combined effort, thanks are
due to "Gracenotes" for doing the EP rip.
I am sure he would be pleased to know his
efforts are appreciated.  

This EP has restored quite well considering the background noise
and rumble that was evident on the original rip, there is still
some evidence in the quiet passages though, but for it's
age this is considerably better than previous copies of the tracks.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing this. Loved the last Peggy Seeger post! Many thanks to all.

lugworm said...

Looks good!

m364p3tr4 said...

Counting every minute day by day...

Thanks in advance; also for your effords to put a smile upon our faces =)

All the best,


Paul the Stockman said...

Nice little treasure so I snuck in and got it!

Barron said...

Just found your blog, and three (!) Peggy Seeger rips. Fantastic!

Your blog doesn't seem to be searchable. Is there more Peggy Seeger in your archives?

Thanks so much. Peggy's recordings are scarce as hen's teeth in the US.

Gonzo said...

Search seems to work here OK, entering "Seeger" finds 4 albums, maybe you missed the one with Ewan

There are others but not yet cleaned I'm afraid, looking at the number of CD re-releases recently, they will probably not be needed.

Amazing, the original American Home spun Girl folk singer, yet her material is rare in her own country, that is so strange.
Peggy is enjoying a surge in popularity recently, which is well deserved, so many of her compositions have featured as mainstays in the repertoire of British traditional folk groups back into the 1970's.

Barron said...

IE doesn't display a search box when I pull up your blog, but perhaps that problem is on my end.

I passed on the album with Ewan Maccoll given your comments on the quality. Guess I'll grab it now.

The US is awash in releases by Pete and Mike, put Peggy seems to have fallen below the radar of the industry and listeners. I only became aware of Peggy when I read an article some years ago about The Pentangle that cited Peggy as a primary influence. Since then, the only Peggy Seeger I have found her is the 2 cd set of children's songs that she recorded with Mike--a true delight.

Thank you for posting the PS recordings. There's a wealth of other stuff to explore here, too.

Anonymous said...

I have only recently discovered your site. I would likr to thank you very much for your kindness and trouble in putting all this wonderful stuff out for us to enjoy