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Saturday, 12 February 2011



12T157 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol 1. 

The Songs of Courtship (1968). Original issue Caedmon 

TC 1141 (USA), 1961:

1-1. Green Grow the Laurels - Jeannie Robertson
1-2. The False Bride - Bob Copper
1-3. Our Wedding Day - Francis McPeake
1-4. When a Man’s In Love - Paddy Tunney
1-5. Aileen Duinn - Flora McNeill
1-6. Bonnie Kate - Agnes Whyte
1-7. Old Grey Beard Newly Shaven - Jeannie Robertson
1-8. The Sweet Primeroses - Bob and Ron Copper
1-9. The Coolin - Paddy Taylor
1-10. Shule Aroon - Elizabeth Cronin 
1-11. The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow - Paddy Tunney
1-12. The Brown Thorn - Seamus Ennis 

2-1. As I Roved Out - Seamus Ennis
2-2. The Magpie’s Nest - Jane Kelly
2-3. Dame Durden - Bob and Ron Copper
2-4. Casadh an Sugain - Maire O’Sullivan
2-5. The Girl was Smart for the Fiddler - Michael Doherty
2-6. My Darling Ploughman Boy - Jimmy McBeath
2-7. The False Young Man - Frank and Francis McPeake
2-8. I’m A Young Bonnie Lassie - Blanche Wood
2-9. No John, No - Bob and Ron Copper 

2-10. Cois Abhain Na Sead - Máire Ni Cheocháin
2-11. Bogie’s Bonnie Belle - Davy Stewart. 

Please note! due to an error with the tagger
the tags in the MP3's show the wrong date
this album as stated above is 1968.
I am having serious synchronising problems with my tagger
Side 1 tracks 11 & 12 are as shown above, not as tagged
that's what comes of trying to use a cue sheet in the wrong format.

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 I suggest you checkout a previous posting on this blog

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Anonymous said...

very excited for this.

inthealley said...


The unidentified track on side two is, I believe, as follows: "Cois Abhain Na Sead" bu Máire Ni Cheocháin, of Coolea, Co. Cork

Anonymous said...


The unidentified track on side two is, I believe, "Cois Abhain Na Sead" by Máire Ni Cheocháin, of Coolea, Co. Cork

Gonzo said...

@ inthealley
Thanks for that suggestion, I only just discovered the extra track on the 2nd side, it is not mentioned in my listings, and the original LP is back in Tasmania now, at the time I could only photograph it and the back was poor,so not included, there is a scanner there now, so with luck I may be able to re-do all the Topic series from that source.

Reinhard Zierke said...

In the side 1 archive 1-11 is called "The Brown Thorn" and 1-12 is called "AS I Roved Out". But 1-11 really is "The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow" by Paddy Tunney and 1-12 is "The Brown Thorn".

The tracks in the side 1 archive are dated at 1975, those in the second side at 1966. The Topic LP was issued in 1968.

Gonzo said...

@Reinhard Zierke
Hello Reinhard, thanks for that correction, looks like it's back to using manual methods for tagging?

I did discover and report the date errors already.

dobbie said...


Is there any chance to post the McPeake Family EP "The Ducks od Magherlin"?

Never knew, seen or heard it before, so I would be very grateful for this

Greetings from Antwerp Belgium (again)

Anonymous said...

Extensive notes on the series (including cover scans and notes *on individual tracks*) here:

Cheers, AH

Gonzo said...

If you check back here you will find this LP has already been posted.

This contains the "Ducks" track

dobbie said...


I was misled by the cover on the included track, got this already indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Pck
This is to thank you and all those responsible to enable me to hear these beautiful sounds from the golden age of the folk revival....I am particularly pleased to be able to hear any of the north easters like Blanche and Davy and Jimmy McBeath over on the other postings.
Thanks again for this and the others I have d/loaded.
Cy from Pck.