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Folk & Jazz fan, specialising in vinyl restoration. Although I would prefer to only post albums that I have paid for, or those of close friends, I am open to suggestions and offers of rare Folk items that need tender care and restoration, provided the supplier has the right of ownership of the physical item. NOT JUST an MP3 COPY of it. To give you an idea, I am prepared to restore vinyl belonging to another person, IF I receive a decent quality scan of the front, back and any relevant information that comes with the LP, preferably at least 2400 by 2400 quality, (600DPI scans for back) along with the sound files in FLAC format as waves are a bit too large to transfer. Then I will check their suitability for restoration. I try to maintain the requirement for a decent set of scans for each item, where possible, as I feel the music is incomplete without it. Sometimes this is just not possible as a lot of my stock came from broadcasting organisations that had their own heavy card sleeves, with information relevant to their prime function, that of providing the disc-jockies with basic details to pass on to listeners. I do wonder what happened to all the original artwork?

Friday, 4 March 2011



 This album is now complete.

12T158 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol 2.
The Songs of Seduction:

 Side One
01. The Nutting Girl - Cyril Poacher
02. The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No - Jeannie Robertson
03. Bundle and Go - John Doherty
04. Blow the Candle Out - Jimmy Gilhaney
05. The Foggy Dew - Phil Hammond
06. Toorna Ma Goon - Jimmy McBeath
07. Rolling in the Ryegrass - Paddy Taylor
08. The Jolly Tinker - Thomas Moran
09. Long Peggin’ Aw - Harry Cox
10. The Thrashing Machine - Anne O’Neill
11. The Rigs of London Town - Charlie Wills
12. The Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie’s Plaid Awa’ - Jimmy McBeath, Duncan Burker, Jeannie Robertson
13. The Cunning Cobbler - George Spicer 

Side Two
01. Dublin City - Seamus Ennis

02. The Light Dragoon - Harry List
03. The Orkney Style of Courtship - John Findlater
04. The Cuckoo’s Nest - Jeannie Robertson, John Maguire, John Strachan
05. The Soldier and the Lady - Raymond and Frederick Cantwell
06. Behind the Bush in the Garden - Seamus Ennis
07. Never Wed an Old Man - Jeannie Robertson
08. The Maid of Australia - Harry Cox
09. The Merchant’s Son and the Beggar’s Daughter - Davy Stewart
10. The Bold English Navvy - Lal Smith
11. Cruising Round Yarmouth - Harry Cox.  

Download music Here

Side one was in quite good condition, relatively easy to prepare, side two took considerably longer, quite a lot of distortion on some tracks, not due to over loading from the vinyl, but on the original tapes the vinyl was compiled from, I have smoothed out some tracks where the voices were really harsh.

Some originals here of familiar tracks like "Blow the Candle out", "Foggy Dew", "Rigs"  and the "Threshing machine"
Plus on side 2 some interesting insights into 
Hebridean courting styles, then sound advice to ladies
about courting an "Old Man" as well as some definitive 
risque versions of the "Cuckoo's Nest"

For more details about the song origins and some excellent reviews, please visit  Reinhard's pages


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