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Saturday, 25 June 2011

After the last SAD news, some more joyfull happenings "AT LAST"

Long awaited re-releases from the ARGO lable.

It has been the policy of many blogs to not make available any of Cyril's recordings at the request of 
Rosemary Tawney.
At that time income from sales was supporting a Divers charity, the DDRC.  You can find out more details 
on the web though the official web site is no longer available.
The albums to be re-released are (1) "The Mayflower Garland"

A collection of Folk songs from Devon & Cornwall
given as a tribute on the 350th anniversary of the


Original recording info: Argo ZFB 9 1970

Cyril Tawney: Vocal & Guitar
Tom Paley: Guitar & Banjo
Reg Hall: Melodeon

With Extracts from William Bradford's history


Read by Gary Watson

and (2) "Children's Songs from Devon and Cornwall.

Talking Elephant TSCD 179

(original LP cover)

Tracks to include:

  The Three Huntsman,  John Jago,  Harvey Darvey
 The Old Grey Duck,  The Herring's Head,  Old Daddy Fox
   The Tree in the Valley, A Lying Tale, My Father Had a Horse
 Carion Crow,  Cradle Song,  The Snail
  Jonathon, James & John,   The Jolly Shilling
 Tommy and the Apples,   The Foolish Boy
   The Cuckoo,  Johnny Greyman and His Grey Mare
   I Had a Little Cock,  Jinny Jan,  Three Scamping Rogues
  There Was a Lady All Skin and Bone

And NOW!

Original LP cover

Talking Elephant TECD 187
This 1972 album offers 15 of Cyril's classic compositions, mainly Royal Navy-related, with a few landlocked ones for good measure. The Yetties or Denis McCallum (accordion) accompany him on many of the tracks, giving the collection a different quality which it is interesting to compare with his later recordings of the songs.

The ARGO record label was a wonderful source of folk and World music, for more info check HERE 

******* End of an Era *******
It is with some sadness I must report the death of 
Rosemary Tawney
Cyril's loving wife, one that has kept the spirit of Cyril alive for years since his death, by organising the above re-issues and generally keeping Cyril's music in focus, I shall miss her informative emails and advance information of forthcoming releases, which I publicised on here to get the word around
My sincere condolences to her family and friends and all those that enjoyed her participation in the west country dance events, of which she was a key figure.

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Adam said...

That's great news! I'm especially looking forward to the children's songs album, which I've heard snippets of at the Folk Catalogue blog

Now if only I could hear Folk Songs of Britain vol 10 (Songs of Animals and Other Marvels), which I think would complement it nicely...