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Monday, 11 July 2011

TOPIC FOLK LP "SONGS OF" Series "Songs of Ceremony"

Volume 9 of 10

I've complete work on this LP, one of the last two in the series,  progress was slow, this one is quite noisy.

for more information Topic Records 12T197 (LP, UK, 1970)

A collection of songs related to seasonal ceremonies, once of magical intent, now often frivolous, recorded in the field from traditional folk singers in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Isle of Man

  1. Cornish Wassail Song (Roud 209)
    Charlie Bate, Padstow, Cornwall;
    Truro Wassail Bowl Singers, Malpas, Cornwall
  2. New’r Even’s Song (Roud 4584)
    Sidney Scott and company, North Ronaldsay, Orkney
  3. The “Mari Lwyd” Ceremony
    David Thomas and party, Maesteg, Glamorgan;
    Margaretta Thomas, Nantgarw, Glamorgan
  4. The Joys of Mary (Roud 278)
    Teresa Maguire, Belfast
  5. Holly and the Ivy (Roud 514)
    Peter Jones, Bromsash, Ross, Hereford
  6. The Twelve Days of Christmas (Roud 68)
    Bob and Ron Copper, Rottingdean, Sussex
  7. The Bitter Withy (Roud 452)
    Charlotte Smith, Tarrington, Hereford;
    William Payne, Gloucester
  8. As I Sat on a Sunny Bank (Roud 700)
    John Thomas, Camborne, Cornwall
  9. The Singing of the Travels (Roud 873)
    Group of mummers, Symondsbury, Dorset
  10. Divers and Lazarus (Roud 477; Child 56)
    Emily Bishop, Bromsberrow Heath, Hereford
  11. The Gower Wassail (Roud 209)
    Charlie Bate, Padstow, Cornwall

Tracks Side Two

  1. Taladh an Leinibh Losa
    Group of crofters, South Uist, Hebrides
  2. The St Clements Song (Roud 9679)
    Phyllis Carnwell, Hammerwich, Staffordshire
    The Shrove Tuesday Song (Roud 1516)
    Herbert Prince, Warminster, Wiltshire
  3. Shepherds Arise (Roud 1207)
    Bob and Ron Copper, Rottingdean, Sussex
  4. The Cherry Tree Carol (Roud 453; Child 54)
    John Partridge, Cinderford, Gloucester
  5. Somerset Wassail Song (Roud 209)
    Harry and Walter Sealy, Ash Priors, Taunton, Somerset
  6. Hunting the Wren (Roud 236)
    Joe and Winifred Woods, Douglas, Isle of Man
  7. Cheshire Souling Song (Roud 304)
    The Antrobus Soul-Cakers, Northwich, Cheshire
  8. Six Jolly Miners (Roud 871)
    Louis Rowe, Grenoside, Yorkshire
  9. John Barleycorn (Roud 164)
    Group of Boggans, Haxey, Lincolnshire
  10. Hal-an-Tow (Roud 1520)
    Townspeople with band, Helston, Cornwall
  11. Huntingdonshire May Carol (Roud 305)
    Mrs Church and Mrs Hall, Biddenham, Bedfordshire
  12. Cornish May Carol (Roud 305)
    Hobbyhorse party and townspeople, Padstow, cornwall
Download Music Here

(Thanks to Reinhard for the title info, the rear of my LP is almost un-copyable) 
Those that are not familiar with the Roud index, this is the work of Steve Roud
a librarian from Croydon in the UK County of Surrey (almost my original home town)
this index is now available at the EFDSS (Google it)

Side one contains the audio, these track notes and the LP scan.
Side two just the audio. Both sides were encoded VBR to optimise the size
and quality, which is somewhat limited due to the original Mono source.

For more details about the song origins and some excellent reviews, please visit  Reinhard's pages



tsintskaro said...

I am very excited about this!

Adam said...

Looking forward to this, thank you

Gonzo said...

Well Click Away, the audio has been uploaded ... hint Try the side titles for links!!

inthealley said...

Thanks for this and news about The Childs Ballads too!!!

Reimer said...

Looks lovely - thank you


Hieronimo said...

I confess to occasionally finding genuine dyed-in-the-wool folksinging a bit hard on the ear (the Ling Family are a case in point). But sometimes too it can be unbeatable. This album is just wonderful. Thank you.