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Folk & Jazz fan, specialising in vinyl restoration. Although I would prefer to only post albums that I have paid for, or those of close friends, I am open to suggestions and offers of rare Folk items that need tender care and restoration, provided the supplier has the right of ownership of the physical item. NOT JUST an MP3 COPY of it. To give you an idea, I am prepared to restore vinyl belonging to another person, IF I receive a decent quality scan of the front, back and any relevant information that comes with the LP, preferably at least 2400 by 2400 quality, (600DPI scans for back) along with the sound files in FLAC format as waves are a bit too large to transfer. Then I will check their suitability for restoration. I try to maintain the requirement for a decent set of scans for each item, where possible, as I feel the music is incomplete without it. Sometimes this is just not possible as a lot of my stock came from broadcasting organisations that had their own heavy card sleeves, with information relevant to their prime function, that of providing the disc-jockies with basic details to pass on to listeners. I do wonder what happened to all the original artwork?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

* * * B R I A N -- D E W H U R S T * * * The HUNTER and the HUNTED

The recent posting of the Horden Raikes first album
has created a lot of interest in the subsequent material
from Brian Dewhurst. 
He made a few other albums from 1972 onwards, 
the previously posted "King Cotton" being one, he 
also teamed up with other artists to produce two more albums "Bits & Pieces" (1974)

Which was a compilation containing tracks from the 1971
album just presented, and from King Cotton. 
This was followed by "Sea lions" (1977)

A live album, recorded and produced by Mike Harding
featuring Chris Parkinson playing "squeezy things".

The album that most interests me is the one produced
in between these two in 1975.

The Hunter & the Hunted where Brian teams up
with Tom Tiddler's Ground, 17 tracks on a theme
of hunting, poaching etc.

Here are the scans for this LP, in advance of the audio, a decent copy of the front and a very informative higher resolution copy of the rear.

Both these scans will appear in the audio archive

Latest update 
I am working on the audio restoration now, really a delightful album, so much so that I find myself spending more time listening and singing along than actually editing which is something I need to do at these stressful times, I hope you will get as much pleasure out of this album as I have had doing it.  

This album has been donated by a blog visitor who wishes to remain anonymous, because of this, and because of the rareity and value of the album I am asking anyone that wishes to download a copy to leave your email address suitably disguised, in a comment in order that I may send you the password to open the album.

I only do this to rare albums, usually Jazz, I feel it helps to propagate the material only to those that really care for the music and the artists work. It is for this reason that these tracks are encoded at 192k and not the usual 320k, because they will eventually be re-coded and posted on other blogs anyway. It is a sin to recode 320k to 128k or lower, as happens.

Original download stats: From the time when the
files were password protected

Interesting observations:
Total downloads file issue 1 =105 
file issue 2 = 25 
file issue 3 = 73
Emails replied to = 37
This means that 1. many more are downloading than 
are asking for the password.
2. the password is being handed around
3. the password is being hacked

New Download


Anonymous said...

Take a look over on Time Has Told Me

Gonzo said...

Please check Time Has Told Me again, I think you will find the download link is now DEAD, this is why I am offering a link to the existing low quality audio (See comments)

gilhodges said...

Hello Gonzo, hope you and loved ones are well. Would adore having the PW for the Dewhurst, if you please. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your good work in making available unobtainable albums.
Could you send me the password for The Hunter & The Hunted by Brian Dewhurst to:



Many thanks Barry

Patrick said...

Thanks for this!


Gonzo said...


Thanks for request, do I have your email address?

gilhodges said...

Ooh, so sorry. Thought you would grab my email from my Blogger profile: hodgesgil - at - gmail (dot) com


ColonialDance said...

Hi Gonzo

Thank-you in finding these obscure gems and making them available for all to enjoy.
Can you send the PW for "the Hunter and the Hunted" please.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Gonzo --

First, very sorry to hear of the loss of your partner. My sincere condolences.

I do not know of any other way to contact you, but I am hoping that you would please provide me with the pass to the Dewhurst 'The Hunter and the Hunted.'

Please send to doctr_onyx(at)yahoo(dot)com

Many thanks and heartfelt wishes.

hkitt42 said...


Please send me the password


Howard Kitt

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Please send pass to pluribus@rambler(dot)ru

Anonymous said...

Dear Gonzo,

I hoipe you are well. I was a bit reluctant to ask you for the password of the Brian Dewhurst album, sinc you must have had a bad time.

Would you please send the password to


mogulthrash said...

Can I have the pas please ,... ambercc(forty-four)(onehundred&twenty-eight)atG male . com

Gonzo said...


Sorry your blog entry does not contain an email address

Anonymous said...

will you also be so kind as to send the pw to

siq will appreciate your kindness

Joe said...

My condolences, Gonzo, and apologies if this request is not at an appropriate time.

Could I have the password for the Brian Dewhurst/Preston album, please, at..

joedurham [at] ntlworld [d-o-t] [c-o-m]

hkitt42 said...


Howard Kitt

Max said...


If you are still responding to comments I would like the password for this album.


yoshio said...


PW for good music

Anonymous said...

Dear Gonzo,

THXC again for continuing your valuable word at times which seem hard for you.
You identified my email correctly, I received the pw and it works.

THX once more!

Anonymous said...

Hello Gonzo,
thanks for your job.
Could you send me the pw please.

Anonymous said...

Could I have the password for the Brian Dewhurst/Preston album, please, at..


Anonymous said...

I am sorry this finds you at a difficult time. I just found your wonderful blog through TimeHas... Thank you for these rare offerings and the great care and respect you obviously take with them. If you would allow me the password to download Hunter and the Hunted it would be greatly appreciated.


(Does the same password apply for all downloads?)

Warm regards.

Anonymous said...

Would you please send the password to


graaf24 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Many thanks!


Motan said...


Gonzo said...


Eh where to?

graaf24 said...

Interesting and rare records. Great work about restore from vinyl, as usual.
pozdrav, Graaf

Frank said...

Glad to see you back. Could you please send password.

Gonzo said...


I'd love to send you the password
but I need to know two things...

1. the file name you downloaded
(passwords differ on each version)
2. the email address

Frank said...

BD_TTG2.rar (69.24 MB) Brian Dewhurst download--fkessler48 dot gmail dot com looking for password if you would be so kind--again happy to see you back in action

Ratatoskyr said...


What a great opportunity to hear an album I've only heard about, and heard only great things to boot.

address: ratatosker(at)gmail(dot)com

I downloaded BD_TTG2.rar

many thanks in advance!

- jds

Anonymous said...

...Salut Ami!
Pour avoir le pW il faut être vraiment tenace et surtout passionné!
Hi Friend ...!
For the pW must be really tough, especially passionate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work Gonzo! It is greatley appreciated

Could you send me the password for The Hunter & The Hunted to:


Many thanks.

Gonzo said...


Which file name did you download?, the files are changed weekly to reduce password copying.

jazzyjeff58 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gonzo said...

Thanks Jeff, you got it...

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog; Thanks for the great work you are doing! I'd LOVE to download the Brian Dewhurst album "The Hunter and the Hunted." Please send the password to jimpartridge AT comcast DOT net. Thank you!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi Gonzo, I would be happy if you could send the PW for The HUNTER and the HUNTED to: thedanman(at)gmx(dot)net

Thanks for all your work. I especially like the 10 LPs Folk Songs of Britain.

pagens said...

Thanks for all your good work in making available unobtainable albums.
Could you send me the password for The Hunter & The Hunted by Brian Dewhurst to:

Many thanks!

alan27 said...

Excellent music blog with some stunning pieces of audio available a lot of which had drifted into the darker recesses of my mind. They are fortunately now being dragged into the daylight again leading to much enjoyment. I would love the password to Brian Dewhurst's The Hunter And The Hunted. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Gonzo,

Thank you so much for this amazing public service. I send my condolences for your recent loss and I also want you to know how grateful I am for what you provide to complete strangers like myself.

When you have the time, and waiting is no problem, please send me a password for Dewhurst's album to:

Thank you very much for this, in particular, and all the labour that you provide us all, in general.

Gonzo said...

General Thanks to all that commented
Please note I have a few requests for passwords, thet will be dealt with in due course, if you have requested a password and your comment is published, then the password will have been sent to your email address, if I got it de-obfuscated ok. When I get a faster internet connection I will try to deal with all the requests, meanwhile I am in Australia on public Wi-Fi connections occasionally, some are a bit slow,
others V E R Y expensive (roaming 3G) which I try to avoid.

Ad Rouw said...

Hello Gonzo,
Kindly requesting for the password for BD_TTG3.rar
Please send it it to ad(dot)rouw(at)hccnet(dot)nl
Your work is very much appreciated.
Regards, Ad

Donnatv said...

Ps had problems sending my message as it kept asking me to log in and then enter the wavy words multiple times. In the process I lost part of the message. Thanks for eveything you do.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm a moron. I should have typed:



By the way, could I also please have the password for "Hooks & Nets" by Ian Woods & Charley Yarwood, if you still have it?

I would also like to say a thank you for all the great traditional folk albums I've gotten from here over the past few months. I've probably downloaded most of the past two or three dozen or so you've posted. I've enjoyed them greatly, and if it weren't for your work I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity of hearing them. I also appreciate the trouble you take to restore the sound quality. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hekko Gonzo. Thanks for the great work keeping these albums alive.

Could I have the password for Brian Dewhurst The Hunter and the Hunted.

To michaelbowe AT esc(dot)net(dot)au

Anonymous said...

Hi,Could you send me the password please.


I notice there's a tune called Extwistle Hall on the LP, I live near it and its in a right state. Someone should fix it before its gone forever.

I assume the tune is about Captain Parker and the Boggart's funeral, which is quite a well known folk tale around Burnley.

Thanks in advance

Gonzo said...

Re Extwistle Hall, I don't know your part of the UK too well, but I'd guess that is nothing unusual as it seems to be for many stately homes today, no cheap labour, excessively high council and property tax, lack of donations etc... Sad Our cultural heritage is being left to rot!

Professor said...

thank you for this opportunity. Being a keen collector of poaching songs I would like to hear "The Hunter and the Hunted". Please, send the password professor(AT)muenchhausen (DASH)welt(DOT)de

Alma said...

Thanks very much for your post. Please pw to amaciguero197(at)gmail (dot)com

Andrey said...

Thank you a lot


Unknown said...

I've just stumbled upon your wonderful blog, thanks for all your hard work. I would love the pw for this when you have a moment.
many thanks

Anonymous said...

I too have just stumbled upon your wonderful blog - fantastic taste. I would love the pw for this when you have a moment.
many thanks

Gonzo said...

Pete said...

Hi, May I please have the password for The Hunter & The Hunted by Brian Dewhurst? Thanks, Pete

Certainly Pete, I will email it to you


Anonymous said...

Hi gonzo. Would really appreciate PW for Brian Dewhurst Hunter and Hunted album, as i lost most of my Folk Heritage recordings when my old Mac was stolen


ELS said...

This looks like it would be a really good album. I greatly enjoyed Brian Dewhurst's work with Horden Raikes. Thanks for posting it.

Could you send me the password?


Thanks much.

ELS said...

Thanks for the password. I've extracted and listened to it. This is great quality work, both the original material, and your digitization of it. Thanks so much.

Jorgon Gorgon said...

Gonzo: this looks fascinating, and, of course, I would love to get the password! The addy is jorg-(at)-fuligin-(d0t)-net.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to forward the password for Brian Dewhurst's Hunter & The Hunted? - I'd like to get something better than my own duff copy! john(dot)fry(a t)ucd(dot)ie

mastranto said...

Could you send me the password?
Thanks in advance

Grip Mole said...

I've just had the great good fortune to bump into your marvellous blog.
I am amazed and rather dazed at the fantastic work that you have undertaken - truly labours of love.
Thank you.
Would you be willing to send me the password for The Hunter and The Hunted to:
Thank you again

Pierre-Yves said...

Thank you very much for the great job!
Could you send me the password for The Hunter & The Hunted by Brian Dewhurst:
Please send it it to pybertra(at)hotmail(dot)com
Your work is very much appreciated.
Regards, Pierre-Yves, Paris

hayling said...

Congratulations on a wonderful Blog and very interesting read. I have learned so much.
Would there please be any chance of a password for the Brian Dewhurst's Hunter & The Hunted? to
signpostuk (at)
I have only sadly just caught up with many of these wonderful records.

Anonymous said...

Hello Gonzo
Please could I have the password for Brian Dewhurst's The Hunter and the Hunted.

Many thanks

Gonzo said...

I have emailed ALL those requesting the password except ONE that returned as unknown, if you didnt get the email please comment again
and leave an email address NOT obfuscated, I do not publish PLAIN email addresses

Gonzo said...

Comment received:
Hi Gonzo, I love what you are doing. I wish I could be of more help--I work helping others for about 60hrs/we. But I have one interest: finding all old folk, blues, prog, psychedelic 55-80's good music. BTW, can I have the pw for The Hunter and the Hunted (192).rar? my email is: XXXXXXX (at) XXXXXXXX may the good music rolling! Ibun on * * * B R I A N -- D E W H U R S T * * * The HUNTER and the HUNTED

I blanked the email address, which did NOT work anyway, please re-send email address in PLAIN TEXT I will not publish it


Barney said...

Would be interested to hear this album, if you could email the password to barney_sloane 'at' hotmail 'dot' com, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance...