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Folk & Jazz fan, specialising in vinyl restoration. Although I would prefer to only post albums that I have paid for, or those of close friends, I am open to suggestions and offers of rare Folk items that need tender care and restoration, provided the supplier has the right of ownership of the physical item. NOT JUST an MP3 COPY of it. To give you an idea, I am prepared to restore vinyl belonging to another person, IF I receive a decent quality scan of the front, back and any relevant information that comes with the LP, preferably at least 2400 by 2400 quality, (600DPI scans for back) along with the sound files in FLAC format as waves are a bit too large to transfer. Then I will check their suitability for restoration. I try to maintain the requirement for a decent set of scans for each item, where possible, as I feel the music is incomplete without it. Sometimes this is just not possible as a lot of my stock came from broadcasting organisations that had their own heavy card sleeves, with information relevant to their prime function, that of providing the disc-jockies with basic details to pass on to listeners. I do wonder what happened to all the original artwork?

Monday, 29 August 2011

North by North East, Songs and Humour from the Northeast UK (Tyneside)

First requested by a blog visitor, now kindly donated by another, here it is.

Bit of an oddball album is this one, cannot really classify it as Folk, it is more of a "Grandma's favourite" really, with some humour that will appeal to those from, or with knowledge of the great North-East of England, Tyneside etc.
However it does contain music by some renown artists from 
the North East
The High Level Ranters and Four in a Bar for example
  so I guess it is "Folky"

The NEWS items are of course many years out of date, you would have to be a Geordie and have lived in the Tyneside area for many years to appreciate the meanings of some items, for example the cost of the METRO rail system which at the time was a scandal of miss-management and
under-estimating, cost the tax payer millions by the time it opened it's first network in 1980.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Alternate ways to display Google blog pages

I have presented in the side bar the alternate display options for this blog, they have all been working until just recently when they now seem to generate an Error 500 report.

I have no idea if this is Google problem, or is down to the forever updated Firefox messing things, perhaps someone out there has the answer, does it work with I.E? or any other browsers?  Safari, Chrome, etc.

Seems to be OK NOW
I guess it was a Google Problem

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Topic "Songs" series CHILDS BALLADS Volume 5 Completed

Final in the "Songs of Series"
                                                       Francis Child's references
 Side 1
    The Royal Forester (#110)
    The Baffled Knight (#112)
    Johnie Cock (#114)
    Robin Hood and Little John (#125)
    The Jew’s Garden (#155)
    The Battle of Harlaw (#163)
    The Four Maries (#173)
    The Gypsie Laddie (#200)
    Georgie (#209)
    The Dowie Dens of Yarrow (#214)
Side 2
    Glenlogie (#238)
    The Grey Cock (#248)
    Henry Martin (#250)
    Lang Johnny More (#251)
    Willie’s Fate (#255)
    Our Goodman (#274)
    The Farmer’s Curst Wife (#278)
    The Jolly Beggar (#279)
    The Auld Beggarman (#279)
    The Keach in the Creel (#281)
    The Golden Vanity (#286)
    The Trooper Lad (#299)

Tracks and Artist Details  
Totally out of keeping with what I normally find with LP's side two on this one was better than side one, in fact side two was completed in less than 1 hour, where sometimes I can spend that long on one track, pity some of the earlier ones were not that good..                      

Download contains both sides of the LP, front and rear scans, plus the 
track title panels as .PNG files.
New links Here

This is the LAST of the Topic LP's in the Tasmanian friends collection
Time for a bit of a rest from collecting,  ripping and cleaning Folk music
Now I move on to a little Jazz.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Fred Jordan "Songs of a Shropshire Farm Worker" Topic 12T150

This is a reminder for those waiting for this album that work is completed now, see the original posting. HERE

This is another LP provided for me by a blog watcher to digitise, sincere thanks are due to the provider for allowing me to also keep the LP
Please look at his recent and charitable adventures to the outer Hebrides
HERE (Link now DEAD)
There are so few comments for some postings, I do wonder if down-loaders really do appreciate the work that goes in to these restorations, specially those that are provided by others for our enjoyment, and to keep me off the streets.

Please be kind enough to comment and thank Kelvin, in this case, also check out his charity events at the link above. Check back to the 2010 Facebook pages for details of the marathon cycle trip
Kent to the Hebrides.
HERE (Link now DEAD)