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Folk & Jazz fan, specialising in vinyl restoration. Although I would prefer to only post albums that I have paid for, or those of close friends, I am open to suggestions and offers of rare Folk items that need tender care and restoration, provided the supplier has the right of ownership of the physical item. NOT JUST an MP3 COPY of it. To give you an idea, I am prepared to restore vinyl belonging to another person, IF I receive a decent quality scan of the front, back and any relevant information that comes with the LP, preferably at least 2400 by 2400 quality, (600DPI scans for back) along with the sound files in FLAC format as waves are a bit too large to transfer. Then I will check their suitability for restoration. I try to maintain the requirement for a decent set of scans for each item, where possible, as I feel the music is incomplete without it. Sometimes this is just not possible as a lot of my stock came from broadcasting organisations that had their own heavy card sleeves, with information relevant to their prime function, that of providing the disc-jockies with basic details to pass on to listeners. I do wonder what happened to all the original artwork?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

One I prepared earlier BRENDA WOOTTON "Crowdy Crawn"


While I prepare the Brian Dewhurst

Here is an interesting album of Cornish prose and songs from the original Cornish Lady Brenda Wootton accompanied here by 

Richard Gendall


Crowdy Crawn

(a useful general purpose container for bits and pieces)



There are words to the music written in Cornwall dialect with English translations for prose.

" A jewel I had, the fairest jewel in the World, great its worth, I swear"

"And it hidden with me in my hand, so beautiful a crystal"

"But so beautiful it was, so wondrously beautiful that I could not help"

"holding it over the boat's side, between my thumb and forefinger"

"that I might see through it the lights like green fires in it from off"

"the face of the waves, brightly, brightly glittering;      O God how" 

"precious a thing it was, but I was careless and let it fall" 



Watch this space for the music, scans & text

Music Here



Halewijn said...

Looks interesting, thanks Gonzo

Anonymous said...

I remember Crowdy Crawn from the BBC programmes on Friday & Saturday nights. As I recall the name is based on an early bodhran/drum, the original purpose of which was to repeat a measure of corn, oats etc.
Wooden frame, skin base = farmhouse measure = improvised drum.
Thank you for this, my tapes from those BBC programmes are aging badly.

Gonzo said...

Yes indeed, that is how the original "crowdy Crawn" is described, a useful, almost waste paper like bin
that in the end becomes as the name "Crowdy" (full up)

I was not aware of the BBC programs on the subject, some decades ago no doubt?

Doug Young said...

This is marvelous, and I've just come across your blog. I really appreciate the British folk you've put up - especially the very traditional ones. Thank you for you time and your passion. Brilliant to get this music out there.

Folky Mick said...

cracking album

Thanks Gonzo

Frank said...

Dear Gonzo,
Another lovely post. I have heard Brenda Wootton before and she is most engaging. The breath of British folk traditions continues to amaze me. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

A rare record from a remarkable lady. Thank you Gonzo!

beetor said...

Fascinating and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!